Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Follow the yellow brick road.........

That song keeps going through my head as I stitch on one of my houses for my Jane Austen neighborhood. I am stitching yellow bricks as you can see from my WIP picture. I'm anxious to finish this house as it will be my first one complete on this piece - can't wait to get the roof and windows done so it actually looks like a house instead of a box. I have to make a trip to the LNS this weekend to get a few silks colors I need for the windows. Why is it no matter how much you have you always seem to need just a few more colors?

Since I started 3 fairly big projects in January, I haven't had many finishes. I did get this little flat-fold done this week - it's Happy Bunny Day by The Trilogy. I made this 2 years ago as an exchange for the SBEBB group and I really hated giving it away so I finally made a second one for myself. I had a little trouble with it - my iron leaked some hot water on it when I was doing my final pressing and it made the dark green overdye bleed onto the linen - eeeeeek! I quick plunged it into cold water and got some of it out with some stain remover but you can still see it a bit. Plus the cold water caused a bit of bleeding elsewhere. I was ready to kick something as you can imagine but at least it's for myself instead of someone else. Why wasn't I being more CAREFUL?!?!

I've been up late every night this week stitching as DH is out of town. (after all, what's more important - stitching or being tired for work?? ha ha) Trying to make some progress on Beatrix Potter and Peppermint Twist. Since I finished Mr. Bunny I am picking out another small project to start. I'm trying to do one small project a month to at least give me some finishing satisfaction. For March I'll be doing this little kit I put together probably a couple of years ago when I got the pillow on sale. Just a little patriotic piece that will be fun to put out this summer and it should be a quick stitch unless I screw it up like I've been tending to do lately.

Oh and I've been meaning to post a picture of this adorable pincushion my sister-in-law bought for me for Christmas last year. She got it on Etsy at a shop called The Daily Pincushion. Isn't it just too cute? I love it and and it matches my sewing room. If you ever need a pincushion or a little gift for someone, I highly recommend these. I have no connection to the seller but I think they're wonderfully made and I hope to buy some more! (not that I need them mind you.......but who doesn't love pincushions...)

Now back to stitching.....maybe I can finish the little snowman ornie I've been working on. I'm supposed to be getting one ornie a month done this year - well so far I'm at a big fat zero! Just not enough hours in the day. Until later............

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Giveaway winner and Superbowl losers!

Well boo hoo our Cardinals lost a squeaker of a game on Sunday - it was emotionally exhausting! I'm really glad though that they even got to the Superbowl and gave their fans a thrill. I've always liked the Pittsburgh Steelers so I couldn't be too mad at them anyway. If someone had to beat us I'd rather it be a team I at least like. :)

Well as you can see, the names were in the bowl and I had the husband draw a name out early this morning.....and the winner is LAURA! Congrats Laura! If you will send me your address I'll get a little package off to you. I wanted to give everyone something, and couldn't, but I did decide to draw a second name for second place. I have another chart I will send on to MELODY - Melody please send me your address too. My email address is in my profile/about me. I will try to do some more giveaways this year. I'd like to do a few little stitched pieces if I can just get some time to make some things. So drop in now and then and hopefully there will be more going on. I so enjoy everyone's blogs - I learn so much, and fall in love with projects regularly so I want to be able to give a little back to the stitching community. I'd be lost without my little online world.