Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm the Pincushion Queen...........

Hi people! Yes I've been absent awhile again but I've been busy as the proverbial bee. In January I finally finished up an old UFO - I'm so thrilled! I started this with a class taken at my LNS in 2005 I'm ashamed to say. I finally got my rear in gear and got it finished in January. I'm very happy with 90% of it- but the lacis work was a little frustrating. It was my first time doing it and I'm not thrilled with the results. I didn't have any trouble following the directions or actually doing it, but it was very very time-consuming and I think it takes practice to get consistent tension with the dove's eyes and woven bars. (although seriously I'm not sure I'll want to do it again!)
Anyway, here it is and soon to head off to the framer. Click on the photos of course to see a better view. I shot a closeup of the whitework and lacis band -I put some fabric behind the open work to be able to photograph it better.

Earlier this month I went on quilting retreat weekend which is always a blast. I was running all over the week before getting all my projects together, packing up, and making runs to quilt stores and JoAnn's to get assorted supplies. I decided to work on several pincushions while I was there and each pattern had a different set of supplies. I am addicted to pincushions I guess! I got several made as you can see but I still have a couple of wool kits that I haven't gotten around to yet. My friends are now calling me The Pincushion Queen. :) They're all hinting about birthday pincushions now LOL.

This is probably my favorite one - it's from a pattern by Cindy Taylor Oates. I LOVE it. I was worried about it being too hard to do. It had a lot of steps but the instructions were good and just taking my time seemed to work out fine. Now I need to find a cute antique plate to keep it on.

Below, the slice of watermelon is from Miss Rosie's Quilt Company and the pear is from a pattern by Heather Bailey. I would like to make some more watermelon slices - but a bit smaller as this is sort of a big pincushion. I use the ground walnut stuffing in most of my pincushions and love the weight and feel of it.

These little round ones are called "Petite Gateau" (Little Cakes) and they're from a pattern by Fig Tree Quilts. I used up squares from some of my fabric charm packs. The only aggravating part was making covered buttons. I had picked up the little covered button kits at JoAnn's - evidently the manufacturers have decided you no longer need the little apparatus that helps you cover the button. It used to be so easy - you draped a little piece of fabric over the mold, then inserted the button form and snapped on the bottom piece. Voila- you could do them in no time. Now they just give you metal button forms with a serrated edge and expect you somehow wreck your fingers getting the fabric on it. Why can't they leave a good thing alone and quit trying to cut costs and make it aggravating?? I'd rather pay more and have it work right! GRRRR

Next up we have 3 'tuffets' from another pattern by Miss Rosie's Quilt Company. These were really fun and quite easy compared to some of the other pincushions. A friend turned me onto a great website source for wool bundles of fat quarters - its' called Dorr Mills. I see more pincushions in my future in different colors- I love using wool for the backings. Even after making all of these, I still have a couple of kits for wool pincushions I didn't even get to and I'm waiting for Shakespeare's Peddlar's "Jenny Bean Pin Tuffet" pattern and matching pins to arrive. I have no idea what I'm going to with all of these pincushions - I think I need to get to Ikea and find some kind of shelf or display box.

Not only did we sew 16-18 hours a day at our retreat but we had delicious food served to us, got to bird-watch all day and even enjoyed a light snowfall - that's a treat for us desert-dwellers. The best part is I'm going again in March. I feel so decadent!
In the midst of all this sewing, I have been sneaking in stitching time on Quakers & Quilts and Plymouth Sampler. I may be slow but I'm inching along.

This week I'm gtrying to finish up a baby quilt for our newest great-niece. She's a cutie and we can't wait to go back east to meet her. I'm trying to catch as much as I can of the Olympics - great TV for stitchin' & sewin' time.
Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to visit!