Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Recalled to life.......

If any of you are Charles Dickens fans you may realize that my blog post title is the same as Chapter 1 of "A Tale of Two Cities" - one of my favorite books. That's how I feel folks as I finally am starting to feel better since my shoulder surgery on Oct 29th. I had a mixed surgery - part of it was done using arthroscopic techniques but the surgeon also had to make a 2" incision to repair a big hole in my rotator cuff, remove a large bone spur in my shoulder that caused it, and do a lot of cleanup around my joint, tendons, etc. I wouldn't wish this on anyone! It's been a very painful recovery as it was my dominant arm - having to sleep partially sitting up and wearing an arm brace for 5 weeks and now I will be doing physical therapy for almost 6 months. At least I am now out of the brace, finally off of narcotic pain pills, and starting to feel like there is light at the end of this long tunnel. Whew! I took 2 weeks off of work after the surgery, then worked at home for 3 weeks and have been off work since Dec 15th until January.

It really puts things in perspective when you can't do your hair, you can't drive, you can't quilt, you can't stitch, you can't bake Christmas cookies, do much shopping or other seasonal activities. My husband really pitched in with the cooking and Christmas decorating and we had little shopping to do this year fortunately. I am so grateful that I eventually should get back full function in my arm and I have a lot more sensitivity to those who struggle with illness and disabilities every day.

So although I don't have any stitching or quilting to share, I do want to wish everyone a very happy holiday season! I have so enjoyed reading all your blog updates over the past 2 months - I haven't commented too much as typing was hard for me using only my left hand. I never was too much into stitching ornaments but next year I fully intend to get started on all the ornament patterns I've collected in past years - you've all inspired me. I found the cutest metal ornament tree with hinged branches and I plan to leave it out in my sewing room all year as I stitch. Not being like a traditional Christmas tree, I can decorate it for any holiday or season. (it's pictured in one of the photo collages below).

Thought I'd share a few photo collages. I collect Olde World Christmas ornaments which are made like the old traditional breakable ornaments. Some of our favorites are pictured here - husband and I have exchanged ornaments every year we've been married and I date them all on the bottom. Many of them have special meaning for us - places we've visited or things we like to do etc. My favorite ornament is one of a mill house - we used to visit the historic Graue Mill in Hinsdale Illinois when we were dating. Also I've added some photos of our yard - we have beautiful bushes with bright red berries - and at the same time the oranges are getting ripe. Our stockings are hung on the mantle and I've been watching my favorite Christmas movies - there's a snap of Judy Garland singing 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' from Meet Me in St Louis.

I am just starting to be able to stitch a little this week and can't wait to really get going in January! I am not going to join the challenge of starting 15 new projects as I already have so much in progress and waiting to start. I hope all of you readers have a festive holiday season whatever you celebrate and wish you good health, prosperity, and a lot of stitching productivity in the new year!