Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Have you ever had stitchers remorse?

Now friends, I admit I do get stitchers remorse, and I do some dumb things. I just had a case of it this weekend as I was poised to start “Quakers & Quilts” . All my fibers were bagged and tagged on my floss ring, I had my big piece of 40-ct linen serged and pressed, the DVD was going, I had my Diet Coke handy, the needle was threaded and poised……..and then……….I saw the vast expanse of blank linen. OMG. I realized how big this project is and how in the world am I ever going to get it done with all of my other WIPs?? Do you have these kind of thoughts? I dived in anyway and got started but I know it’s going to be a long haul.. Then right off I didn’t like the thread I stitched the first part with. It’s Belle Soie Cranberry and it’s so very dark- I’ll leave it in for now but I may end up replacing that with a varigated red that isn’t so dark. I moved on to a pink motif and started feeling better – maybe it was momentary BAP-panic?

So then yesterday I went out to purchase a couple of threads I needed and I went to a local shop I haven’t been to in a long time. This shop used to sell both needlepoint and cross-stitch supplies, but they phased out the cross-stitching about 2 yrs ago and replaced it with knitting. (darn knitters…..LOL) They still have a huge selection of fibers though so I really ought to go back more often. Anyway, while I was there I see they had a little bin of old leftover cross-stich patterns marked way down – 50 cents for most of them. Now here’s where more stitchers remorse comes into play. In it I find a copy of Paula Vaughan’s 'Summers Remembered' pattern for 50 cents. I had these 2 pieces stitched and up in my bedroom in the late 80’s before I got married. I never was completely happy with the framing but for some crazy reason I got rid of them when I got married and moved to Arizona in 1991. I don’t even remember what I did with them but in recent years I really regretted letting them go. I could’ve had them remounted and reframed and now I’m just wondering what was I thinking?!? I don’t do a lot of Paula Vaughan patterns but I do love her quilt-themed ones and these were so nice. Plus, these were part of my “stitching history” and they were a lot of work (oh I can still recall all that backstitching!) So I bought the pattern since I no longer had my original one, and in the back of my mind I’m thinking that maybe someday I will stitch them again. (picture me rolling on the floor laughing right now) Well you never know!

Then after I grab the Paula Vaughn pattern, I see a copy of Blackbird Designs ‘Pumpkin Blossom Needlecase” in the bin also for 50 cents! Bear with me please – another story. I had this pattern back when it came out in 2003 – and I stitched it. I wasn’t that happy with the colors for some reason, and then when I went to finish it into the needlecase I screwed something up and ended up throwing the whole thing in the trash. I didn’t like the finishing instructions and I was just disgusted so not only did the project get tossed, but I THREW THE PATTERN AWAY! Now of course it’s selling for big money on eBay (I’ve considered it but couldn’t justify the expense), and I’ve seen gorgeous finishes of this pattern especially when done over-1. I am my own worst enemy sometimes! Not to mention I have most of the Loose Feathers patterns since they started and this was a missing one in my collection. The good news is I was able to retrieve these 2 patterns from my past for only $1.00. I think it was meant to be. And I’m determined to restitch the Pumpkin Blossom needlecase and this time it’s going to be great! I also picked up a cute little sampler pattern below for another 50 cents – never have seen it or heard of the designer but I like it and you can’t beat the price. I think it must be very old as it calls for DMC flower thread and I’m not even sure that it’s made anymore (not that I’d use it anyway).

Thank you readers for visiting with me today. I’m plodding along with Quakers & Quilts after getting over my initial angst. I did finish My Quaker Lady before starting Q&Q – here she is and I’m quite pleased with her. I love the petite nature of this – the whole sampler measures only 7.5” square since I stitched her on 40-ct linen