Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Stitchin' & Sneezin'

Well it's spring here in Arizona and everything is blooming! Claritin and I are best friends and although everything is beautiful right now I'm looking a little forward to when the pollen dies down and I don't have a continuous sore throat and spend a half hour every morning clearing my head.

Things are moving along with my stitching. I passed the halfway point with Plymouth Sampler - woohoo! I think the second half will go faster as the stitching is not as solid as the first half and a little more interesting. Frankly, I was getting a bit tired of houses and windows. In case you're rusty on your Roman Numerals - MDCXX translates to 1620 which is the year the Mayflower set sail for America.
I sort of set aside Plymouth Sampler for a week or so and worked on With My Needle. I got 3 lines of the verse done but wasn't happy with the coverage of the silk. I'm really picky about coverage and hate when it looks 'sparse'. Mostly this happens with dark colors - I don't like when I can clearly see the X's for some reason. This doesn't happen on 40-ct but I'm using 36-ct so it makes a little difference. Anyway, I experimented with adding an additional half-stitch on top and it looked better so I went back over the 3 lines I had done. It is taking me longer to stitch now with the extra cross but I'm happier with the results so all is good. I'm getting anxious to finish the verse and get to the more enjoyable part of the lady and flowers.
I got back the two quilts I had sent off to be quilted. I tried a new person to do the longarm quilting and she did a great job. She did swirls on my nine-patch quilt which I really liked.

It's now on the guest bed and I need to go shopping to find some nice fabric to make a new bedskirt. Most of what I have seen in stores I don't like - they seem to be making them cheaper all the time and most often it's just straight fabric without any pleating or ruffling - it's like how cheap can we make it instead of how nice it looks. So I plan to make my own and some matching pillow shams when I get the time. The other quilt below was quilted in a beautiful variegated thread of pinks and yellows - perfect choice for these fabrics.

This quilt has joined the stack in the linen closet - I have no more room to hang quilts and we only have 2 beds in our house, but I keep making more quilts anyway! I really need to find a quilt ladder or a piece of furniture where I can display them.

Over the weekend I got out my French Alphabet Sampler and put in a few hours on it. I have so much guilt over this sampler - I don't really like the linen or the threads...and it's so big...but I spent a lot on the pattern ($45 was a lot for a pattern back in 2003) and the supplies so I feel obligated to finish it. The Gloriana thread fuzzes and leaves a little shadow of red fuzz on the fabric. It will get finished someday but no time soon!

As far as stashing - I've been stocking up on Carriage House Samplings patterns - so bummed to hear she is going to quit designing but when you look at the volume she has produced it's no wonder she needs a change. I already had many of her patterns but have been picking up some more here and there to make sure I get all the ones I want to stitch before they are unavailable. As I tell the husband - I'm actually SAVING money because later I'll have to pay high prices on eBay, right?

I'll leave you with some photos of our backyard in bloom. My dog Abby is always watching the pool vacuum - she thinks it's possessed. Hope spring is arriving soon to all of you as well - thank you so much for stopping by!