Monday, January 22, 2007


Yes, it does snow in Arizona! Here are some pictures I took this past weekend in Sedona. A few co-workers and I went up to visit a friend who moved there last year. Those of us from Phoenix don't see snow very often so we were totally excited to wake up to a beautiful snowfall on Saturday morning - huge wet flakes that covered the trees and looked just like Christmas Eve ought to. We spent a lovely weekend catching up, eating out, shopping and seeing the movie "Queen". I liked the movie - I've read a few books about the British royal family over the years. The movie certainly did not paint them in a good light as far as being in touch with the real world. I wonder what the Queen thinks of the movie??

Last week I took a knotwork class at my LNS. We could choose between 2 Christmas patterns from Teresa Layman. If you ever have a chance to see a trunk show of hers, go do it! The pictures just do not do them justice. They are like tiny hooked rugs. These finish up at 2" square! They are adorable. The designer had finished them in a couple of ways - some with Whimsi frames from Just Nan (shown in the photo here),

and some finished with a backing and cording like an ornament. It's pretty easy to do and very relaxing. No pattern that you need to watch closely, no counting, all you do is fill in the pattern with the right color of French or colonial knots. I've never like doing French knots but these are done with only one twist of thread around the needle and go quickly. These projects are very portable and inexpensive as well. The patterns can be a bit more because you get not only the instructions but a pre-printed piece of cotton with the pattern already on it. But once you have the pattern all you need is a small hoop and some cotton floss and you are set. We got to see the designer's brand-new patterns that have just come out and they were real winners as well. I had to add at least one to my wish list. :) Here is my meager progress so far.

Lastly, you might notice I've added the Chicago Bears logo to my blog after Sunday's win! DH was scaring the dogs he was shouting so much at the TV. Our Chicago Bears are on to Superbowl 41! We are former Chicagoans and couldn't be more excited about the Bears finally getting back to the big game after a long drought of 21 years. We will be flying the Bears flag at our house starting a few days before Superbowl Sunday!


  1. Anonymous4:28 AM

    Love the pictures. I've heard wonderful things about Sedona. I am from Illinois so I like the Bears but I love the Colts, all my extended family is from Indiana so I will yelling for the Colts Superbowl Sunday :-).

  2. Anonymous8:51 AM

    I'm pretty please about the Bears also! It was a tough game until that safety - I wasn't sure they could pull it off. :-)

    I used to live in Phoenix and my favorite needlepoint store in the world was there - the Family Arts - a non-for-profit place. Have you every been to it? It might not even still be there - it was on Camelback the last time I visited in the late 90's.

  3. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I started Teresa Layman's Bumblebee Ballet but never did finish it. Wasn't sure what I would do with it when I was finished so it got put in the UFO pile.

  4. Anonymous11:39 PM

    I love the photos! Did I tell you we spent our honeymoon in Arizona and a week in Sedona? So those red rocks bring back lovely memories!

  5. Those pictures are fabulous! I was in Phoenix last week and FROZE! I packed for Spring and arrived to 40 degree weather. I stopped by Attic Needlework and it is now my all time favorite Shop...lucky you for having such a nice shop...if that's the one you go to :)

  6. I've never heard of this "knotwork", but it looks fascinating! Thanks for the heads up, I will have to check it out. Oh, and by the way, I'm from Chicago so...GO BEARS!!!~Annie


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