Monday, August 13, 2007

A beautiful gift!

I want to share the beautiful scissor fob I received from a fellow stitcher I recently met on the phone. I shared an extra pattern and some fabric with her and she sent me this wonderful gift. Laurie I hope you're reading this because I lost your email address! I love the colors - pink is my favorite color and I have made several pink and green quilts so you made an excellent choice. In fact, won't it look good with my Gingher Jamie scissors?? :) Thank you so much!!

I'm almost ready to start on a group quilting project. I picked up some cute fabric and the charm collection from Moda's "Chez Moi" collection. (plus a really cute bag pattern!) The large flowered print is going to be my border fabric and the colors will be chocolate brown, pinks, lime greens, aquas and yellows. My picture was taken at night and the colors look a bit orangey but really they are quite pretty in person.

This little book is a romantic story about a turn of the century family in Mexico and it's all about a young girl thwarted in love. She takes her passion and puts it into her cooking instead. We watched the movie made from the story at our meeting last week. It's rather an odd little book, so far I'm not that impressed but I did like the movie alright. Each of us in our group are taking a chapter of the book and designing a section of the quilt to go with the story. We make copies of our design for everyone in the group, and then each of us sews their own quilt using their own fabric choices. We did something similar a few years ago using a set of 3 books about a pioneering family that quilted called "The Trail of Thread". Here is a picture of that quilt which is hanging in my sewing room.

The motifs and names of the blocks in the quilt relate to the story in the books. What I really like about this quilt is I can remember pieces of the story when I look at the quilt and I know which of my friends designed each section. It's a nice remembrance. I will post progress on this new quilt as we go along. We get our Chapter 1 assignment next month.

As far as stitching goes, I am working on an exchange gift right now. I am behind schedule so I need to step up the pace. I'm kind of designing it as I go so I hope it turns out alright!


  1. What a spectacular gift you received for your kindness :)
    And that quilt is stunning!

  2. Oh Jeanne, what a gorgeous fob! I sent the Lady Bug freebie off to you yesterday ;-)

  3. What a pretty fob! I love pink and green too :-). The quilts are fabulous.

  4. that is such a cool quilting idea - I can't wait to see how it turns out - the first one is beautiful

  5. Very pretty scissor fob. How sweet.
    I love the quilting idea. That has such a wonderful approach to group quilting. I am going to try and convince some of my crafting group to do something like that.

  6. Beautiful fob!! Would look great with Jamie scissors.

    Your quilting is outstanding, too. What an interesting idea to create quilt blocks to go with a story/book. Kinda reminds me of the Elm Creek Quilt series books ...

  7. How very thoughtful and such a beautiful FOB!
    I love what you are doing with your Quilting Group. I look forward to seeing your progress!

  8. The fob is a beauty! I just won one like this and cannot wait to see it. Enjoy your gift!

    I have the same Trail of Thread books. Your quilt is really great! Isn't it fun to sew a quilt that has real meaning to you. Do you have a large sewing room?

  9. Wow that fob is gorgeous!


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