Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another day, another stitch.........

I only had 2 signups for my PIF challenge - Ruth and Sherry. I am so glad to have you on board! I have left comments on your blogs to please send me your snail mail address and I will start thinking on what to stitch for you. Should be fun! If anyone else still wants to get in just let me know. Next up on my list is getting my Halloween exchange done and my pre-stitching for a Merry Cox class in November at my LNS. I don't know where the time goes. This weekend I got started on my second list of UFO's this year. In January I promised myself I would make 2007 "the year of the UFO". I decided to tackle 10 things at a time. I finished my first list of 10 and now starting my second list. I've added the list to my blog instead of just keeping it in Word. The list is a mix of unfinished quilts, stitching, and miscellaneous things I've started and not finished. My goal eventually is to get down to having only a few outstanding projects but I've still got a long way to go.

This weekend I worked on machine-quilting an old quilting project I last worked on about 5 years ago (pictured below) . Five years! How pitiful is that?? It's a quilt in all patriotic fabrics - some friends and I pooled all our patriotic fabrics and we all made similar quilts. The blocks were easy and fun and I got so carried away making blocks that I had enough for 3 quilts. Two of the quilts I finished and gave away to friends and the third (mine) never got done. Isn't that the way it goes so often - we get our gifts done but not our own projects. I'm hoping to finish it up this week and be able to scratch another one off the list. Having so many UFO's was starting to stress me out and I couldn't enjoy starting new ones with so much left undone and making me feel guilty.

I'm certainly getting anxious for a stash binge. I've been pretty good all summer while my DH was out of work. He's working now and I'm looking forward to my birthday discount next month and a self-indulgent trip to the LNS!

P.S. the book I had been searching for is "Race the Wild Wind" by Amelia Elizabeth Walden. Probably no one else has ever heard of it but it sure was bugging me. There's nothing like a mystery solved!


  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I love going to Attic Needlework!! Their shop is full of such intricate and lovely pieces.

  2. The quilt is really pretty. I know what you mean about the UFO's. I promised myself that I would finish my UFO's about 2 years ago. Well, I have done most of those, but have acummulated some new ones.


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