Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Can’t believe it's October already! I’ve been doing more quilting lately. I finished Chapter 1 of our book quilt last night. We are a group of 9 ladies reading the book “Like Water For Chocolate” by Laura Esquivel and doing a story quilt from the book. Each chapter in the book will have a section of the quilt that relates to it. Sometimes it’s the name of the block that expresses something in the story, or it may be pictoral or symbolic. Each member of our group will design a chapter in the book.

The story takes place in turn of the century Mexico. It is a short love story about a girl named Tita and her family. Tita loves to cook and throughout the book her emotions are magically transported into the food she prepares for her family. (and at times affecting them when they eat it) In Chapter 1 we introduce the main characters. The block labeled #1 will be repeated in various places throughout the quilt to provide unity. The main character, a young girl names Tita, crochets to ease her mind when she is troubled. The interlocking pattern of fabric represents her crocheting. Block #2 represents domineering mother Mama Elena in the story – hence the arrow patterns pointing inward and outward from the center. Mama Elena treats her daughter Tita rather like poor Cinderella. Tita does most of the cooking for the family and her life has little freedom. Tita is closest to the family housekeeper named Nacha. Nacha has taught Tita how to cook and gives her the motherly love she doesn't get from Mama Elena. In block #3 we have 3 matching patchwork squares that represent Mama Elena’s 3 daughters – Tita (the youngest), Gertrudis, and Rosaura. Mama Elena rules the house with an iron fist – she informs her youngest daughter Tita that she must honor a traditional Mexican custom that the youngest daughter may not marry, but must stay home to take care of her mother. In those days you never went against your parents wishes, so Tita is understandably heartbroken as she and a young man named Pedro are in love. Block #4 is called “Solitude” and represents Tita’s loneliness and despair that she can never marry Pedro and have a family of her own. I did this block in blue to represent Tita’s mood. Block #5 represents Pedro, and the name of this block is “Bachelor’s Puzzle”. Note that the Bachelor’s Puzzle block ironically forms a ring! This is very fitting for Pedro who is in anguish that he cannot marry Tita. Block #6 has an appliqued heart to represent the love that Tita and Pedro share. I also added in some embroidery to this section as I want to include small blocks of embroidery work in my quilt. My friend had actually designed a small block here with some tears appliqued on it to represent crying but I wanted to do embroidery instead so I made a substition.

Tonite my group meets again and we will receive our assignment for Chapter 2 of the quilt. I’ll have a month before our next meeting to sew up that section and add it to the chapter 1 section. My own chapter that I will design won't be due until sometime next year as I have chapter 9.

I visited my LNS on Saturday and had fun catching up with all the new things. I finished paying for my Merry Cox class in November and picked up some linen, fibers and several Halloween patterns. Most of what I bought is pictured below. I cannot resist cute Halloween stuff! I also jotted down a few more patterns the store was out of stock on to add to my wish list. I want to go in this month and do an order because I’ll get my birthday discount - hooray!! I had 2 Loose Feathers sitting at the shop waiting for me to pick up as I hadn’t been to the shop in awhile. I am so far behind in stitching my Loose Feathers it’s just pitiful. Well, maybe someday! Last night I started my Halloween exchange for the SBEBB board – yes I’m late starting! It’s due to be mailed by Oct 10 so I have to go full speed ahead to get it stitched and finished on time. Luckily my DH is going fishing this weekend so I will be able to stitch all weekend mostly. :)

Also, I’ve “met” another local stitcher named Teejay online. Teejay has organized a meeting place for us this Sunday to meet and stitch. It will be fun to meet you in person Teejay! We’re trying to get a group of Phoenix stitchers together so if any of you live in our metro area and want to join us let me know!

Thanks for stopping by and I do appreciate the time taken to leave comments or emails. I hope everyone has a tremendous autumn - this is my favorite time of year although it doesn't get too "autumnal" in Phoenix until winter time.


  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Thanks for mentioning our group! You have some great Halloween and other charts there in your new stash, Hey, I just finished Captain's Inn (see my blog). My DH is also going fishing this weekend, we just got him a raft for his b-day, we're not quite ready for a boat yet but maybe someday.

  2. How fun to meet a stitcher close by! I love seeing your book quilt! What a great idea!

  3. Another Phoenix stitcher here :) Where's the meeting? :)

  4. WOW! I love the book quilt and I'm going to look forward to seeing more of it! Also, a very nice stash haul you got!!

  5. The book quilt is such a great idea, I will look forward to seeing its progress.

  6. Love seeing the book quilt. Never heard of such a thing before. Be interesting to watch your progress.

    You a good selection to add to your stash. I have the M Designs-Little Witch started. Got sidetracked to something else. I have converted the Needlepoint silks to Weeks and Sampler threads. Still using the Thread Gatherer silk. Mine is not quite half done.


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