Sunday, February 24, 2008

Getting my mojo back..........

I went on a fabulous quilting retreat last weekend with 11 other friends. We couldn't have had a better time although we had to drive through a snowstorm to get there. Actually I quite enjoyed the snow as I was driving up in northern Arizona and the snow was beautiful in the tall pine forests. I stayed up past 2:00 am three nights in a row, and sewed and talked and sewed and laughed and ate well all weekend. It was so invigorating for me - I've been in a bit of a slump lately and it was just what I needed to get my sewing and stitching energy back. I worked on making scrap quilt squares (68 of them!) which I am going to sew together into some quilts to keep on my couch where my dogs like to lie all the time. That is just mindless fun sewing where you don't have to pay a lot of attention or read any directions. :) Here's all my finished blocks waiting to be sewed up.

While I was there I worked on an old quilting UFO. I hand-appliqued this entire top and finished it about 5 years ago but never got the quilting done. I finally sat down and basted it all together so I can start hand-quilting it. I would love to have it finished by Christmas this year - I put so much work into it that it's a shame I haven't finished it. It's titled "Welcome to the North Pole". Excuse the wonky picture, I just had it hanging on some drawers in my sewing room.

I also started another quilt from a beautiful pictoral fabric I got on sale years ago,and began another quilted bag. Neither of those got done though. It was depressing going back to work last Monday and I had a very busy week. I finally sat down today and did a bit of stitching -first time since January. I finished up another on of my little Shepherd's Bush monthly pieces. I'm getting them done slowly but surely but it seems like it's taking forever.

I want to get started soon on my PIF's but I need to sit down and decide what I'm going to make. I made a trip to my LNS yesterday for the first time in a long time. I looked at all the goodies from Nashville market but I wasn't all that tempted by too much. I am still debating on the Shores of Hawk Run Hollow - I like some of it but not all of it so I didn't purchase it. I did buy a few patterns that weren't new that I had been wanting by LHN, and I got a half yard of a gorgeous Colorscapes linen - it's the most wonderful mottled sky blue and it was my favorite count - 36. This picture doesn't do it justice at all!

I didn't know that LHN had published a pattern honoring my LNS - Attic Needlework. Of course I had to buy that one! I also picked up Cherry Hill from Country Cottage, Country French Rooster from JBW, and a couple of Loose Feathers that had been waiting for me at the LNS for awhile. I was so inspired by the Rooster pillow that
Mary Kathryn made - it's awesome! I love French toile fabrics so would like to make somthing similar.

I was strolling through Fry's Electronics while my DH was buying some computer hardware, and I came across some little lighted magnifiers. I've been wanting something small I could take to a class with me - this is a 30 diopter magnifier with a little flap on top so you can use it just as a light or as a lighted magnifier. It was only $30 - called a Mini Mag-Lite. I love it. The field of vision is smaller of course than my big Daylite lamp but it will be great to take places or when I want to sit out by the TV and don't want to take my big lamp with me. Unfortunately, I can rarely stitch anymore without some sort of magnfication - age has gotten to me.

My orthopedic surgeon has decided it's time to get my shoulder fixed so I'm having arthroscopic surgery on March 7th. Not sure how long it'll be after that before I can stitch again, hopefully not long. I'm looking forward to eventually being pain-free!


  1. Jeanne, I don't quilt, but I love the North Pole quilt. It's wonderful! It's got lots of playful stuff going on - perfect for the Christmas spirit.

  2. Your quilt is fantabulous!!! I'm so jealous :)
    AND the Attic is your LNS??? How lucky are you?! I just did Attic Needlework LHN Exclusive by changing Attic to Becky for Becky's is so cute!
    The Busy Needle has an exclusive too...I stitched it for Marie P. for her's a cutie too!

  3. It sounds like a wonderful weekend and perfect for getting your mojo back. I hope you get your North Pole quilt finished for this Christmas. Its too lovely not to have displayed.

    Good luck with your upcoming shoulder surgery ~ I will be sending you good thoughts!

  4. Everything is gorgeous. Love the quilt and the new stash :-).

  5. I love the quilt, the stitching and the lamp!! I need that lamp. Thankfully there's a Fry's on my side of town. ;)

  6. My my you've been busy despite your shoulder! Lovey quilting and some fine stashing! Congrats :)

  7. That quilt is so neat. What a relief to have it done and be able to enjoy it. Best wishes for your shoulder surgery!!

  8. I have a very similar magnifying light, only mine clips on to a table edge (or something else). It was a great value - it has definitely made stitching at night and in the early morning much easier.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. How went the surgery, Jeanne? Healthy, healing thoughts are heading your way!

  10. What wonderful quilt squares!!! You make it look so easy. I wish I could do it! Lovely quilt too. xx


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