Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Colorado Trip Stitching :-)

I just spent 4 days on a trip to Durango Colorado with some work friends. What a great time we had. We rented a minivan and drove up together and rented a condo. We took the Durango-Silverton Train which is an all-day trip along the Animas River on a coal-burning vintage train. It was just gorgeous as you can see from my pictures at the end of this post. It was glorious to experience cool mornings and evenings although mid-day was hot in the sun. We also drove up in the mountains to visit Ouray, played poker, and generally enjoyed a few microbreweries. :) Didn't visit any LNS's or quilt shops this trip as my companions weren't hobbyists like me. I got the usual comments you get from non-stitchers like "How do you know where to put the stitches?" and "How can you sew while you're riding in a car?" It's hard to explain our passion to other people. Since I wasn't one of the drivers though I got a lot of stitching time in while riding on the way up and back from Phoenix. (about a 7-8 hour drive) I started Little House Needleworks' "Sampler Lady" as I thought it would be a good "travel project". I'm stitching it on 32-ct R&R Creme Brulee and substituting colors here and there. Here's my progress so far:

I've decided I don't like using overdyed threads on big areas of stitching - I don't like the striated effect you get. I had to go back and frog some of the blue blouse as it appeared there was a light streak all across her chest. I like overdyes for leaves, lettering, and things like that, just not large areas. I'm going to do the skirt in a solid DMC to avoid any issues. This is a fun stitch and it's moving along pretty quickly, at least for me.

I'm just about done with my Merry Cox project. I only have the cloth bag left to make. I debated about even making it, because I'll probably never use it but I have all the kit pieces so might as well. I hope to have pics of my finish after this weekend.


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome trip...and even better that you got a lot of stitching time!

    Colorado is one of my very favorite places. We haven't made it out to Durango yet, and have always wanted to take one of the train rides :)

  2. I love your sampler lady-she is too cute. And your photos are absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Looks like you had a fun & relaxing trip - and a good start on your latest project. Envying the Colorado scenery!

  4. Your photographs are gorgeous, what a wonderful trip!

    Nice start on the Sampler Lady.

  5. Gorgeous pictures - it must have been an incredible trip. Sampler Lady is coming along great!

  6. Didn't you love the Durango-Silverton train? We did it last year and loved it! Isn't Silverton a neat town. Truly like stepping back in time.

    Your PS Santas look wonderful! Can't wait to see your wreath.

  7. Glad you missed the most recent flooding in CO!! I've just taken a tour of your whole blog. OMG! You've stitched some of the most awesome things! I love all of them! What a quilter you are, as well. I'd love to finish as many projects as you do...

  8. We're on our way to Durango later this week to take our son to Fort Lewis College. It takes us 2 days of driving! I'll probably take some stitchery (maybe a PS santa?) but not sure how I'll feel stitching in the car. Haven't done that too much because sometimes it makes me queasy. Plan to take the train ride also and then head up to Moab to take in some scenery. It is so beautiful out there. I am also sure that we will enjoy some microbrews also :).

  9. Sounds like you and your friends had a brilliant trip Jeanne. I enjoyed looking at your photos. I wish I was able to stitch while travelling. I can't even look down or turn round to speak to passengers in the back without my stomach turning!

    Your PS Santa ornaments are gorgeous and I can't wait to see your Merry Cox project. I haven't stitched a Merry Cox yet but have a few from magazines I would love to do. :o)


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