Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ready for October

Well I just taped up my exchange package to be mailed tomorrow -whew! I had wanted to get it out last week but couldn't do it. It's the "fall house" exchange on the SBEBB board - I hope my exchange partner likes it! I'll show pictures after she's received it.

I also picked up a little frame I had made for set of 12 Shepherd's Bush charts by month. I finally finished the last one of these up earlier this year and was having trouble finding a moulding I liked that would work with many different colors of linen. I finally found one and had a frame made like a photo frame you buy - with turnbuttons in the back so I can swap out the stitched piece each month, and with both horizontal and vertical hangers as the stitched pieces include some of both direction. I'm happy with how it turned out and October is now up on the wall to enjoy. Here's also a picture of November - I won't bore you with all 12 of them!

We finally are getting cooler mornings and evenings. Yeah! Summer is on its last legs and I won't be sorry to see it go. I'm ready for pumpkins, fall leaves, and Halloween! I always look forward to seeing The Great Pumpkin with Charlie Brown - "I got a rock......". :)

I'm participating in the "Let's Stitch" blog and this week will try to put a little time in on my oldest UFO. This is "Autumn Haze" by Just Nan. This is one of a set of 4 seasons she designed. I took a class and finished up "Winter" in 1992. I think I started "Autumn" in 1993 or 1994! Yes it's sad but true. It's also on my UFO list to complete this year hopefully. I actually like Just Nan's older designs better than her new ones, and I have the "Summer" and "Spring" patterns to complete the series. Considering I'm worked on this one for 14 years, I figure I'll finish the set of 4 by 2032. Good grief!! At that point they'll probably be considered antiques.

That's all for today........


  1. Anonymous1:28 AM

    That's a beautiful WIP! I hope you manage to make some progress on it, it deserves to be finished.

  2. That Autumn Haze is just so pretty! Your framed pieces are great!

  3. Well, isn't that frame just perfect for your cute stitcheries?!?! Congrats :)

  4. I would never be bored looking at all 12 SB designs that you have stitched. That's the perfect frame for them.

    Pretty WiP. I love Just Nan's band samplers.

  5. Love your WIP. You're making progress on it! Your other little pieces are just darling! I love the Halloween theme toned-down like these are!

  6. Get to know your blog from SBEBB and I love it.
    Love all your beautiful stitched work and finishes :D

  7. That's a great frame for those...how nice to be able to swap them in and out of one frame. It will be nice to see the rest as the months come and go.

  8. I love the idea of being able to swap out the pieces in the same frame. I may steal your idea and use it on my SB seasonal pieces.

  9. Love the idea of your frame that you can swap out the emborideries. Lovely blog


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