Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving thoughts and a Christmas exchange

Thanksgiving week already – where has 2008 gone? It always seems that the hours from now until the end of the year just fly by as we try to fit 25 hours into every day. I just wanted to stop for a moment before the mad rush of Christmas and take stock of what I have to be thankful for. It's easy to forget with the economic chaos and seemingly constant rush of bad news from the media.

1. I have a job and a paycheck. Sure it makes me crazy at times but I get paid well, have good benefits, and my job has gotten better in the last 2 years. There were a few years where it was really the pits but I feel much better than I used to about it. Not to mention I can work from home when I want to, and I have some wonderful co-workers that help me get through the rough patches.

2. I have a dear husband and 2 doggies who love me - even when I’m crabby! I have 2 brothers, a sister, and my mom who all put up with me. I was raised by hard-working parents who taught us all to do what’s right in life, even when you don’t want to. All of my siblings and I are on good terms and that's more than a lot of people can say.

3. I am in reasonably good health – need to lose weight and exercise more but things could be a lot worse. I lost 3 friends this year who were in my age group. One had battled breast cancer for 10 years but the other 2 were complete shocks to me. It really makes you think about your life.

4. I love my home. When I lay down each night I am thankful that I have a comfy & warm bed, I have plenty to eat (too much really), and when I put my head down on my pillow, I feel safe and secure. Every night I think about all the people in this world who live in poverty and misery and don't have a safe and comfortable place to sleep. It’s very humbling. When I find myself thinking I “need” this or that for the house I try remind myself that I used to live in a studio apt in Chicago with a lot less. It seems at times that all we do is consume and find new ways to spend money. Bigger TV’s, nicer cars, etc. It’s easy to get caught up in it all and forget the basics.

5. I’m never bored with life or myself. I have so many interests. Not only my hobbies like stitching and quilting, but I will never get time to read all the wonderful books I’d like to. I always wanted to learn French (and now so I can read their blogs!), take some history classes, travel more, learn about photography, take piano lessons, study graphic arts, take a watercolor class, I could go on and on. There’s so much to do and never enough time! I’m sure some of you know people who don’t have hobbies – I do and I find it just plain strange!

For all my blogging friends, hope you have a wonderful holiday season whether you are with family , friends, or by yourself. The internet has opened up so much to us – no matter what your interests are, you can find someone in the world who shares it. We can “meet” people from far away that we would never otherwise know. I definitely feel withdrawal if I’m without my computer for very long! Since I started joining bulletin boards and online groups almost 10 years ago I have learned SO much from other stitchers, quilters, and hobbyists. I am truly thankful that we can share with each other.

And speaking of sharing and friends from afar, I received this wonderful Christmas ornament for the SBEBB exchange. It’s from Alison in Australia. Isn’t it just WONDERFUL? She is so creative using the little hanger and the clothespins. I just love it! I have seen Alison's work for years especially on the Shepherd's Bush bulletin board. Alison also included some extra goodies – I already ate the Cadbury's chocolate so it’s not in the picture ha ha. I am just finishing up my own ornament for the exchange and will send it winging across the Atlantic tomorrow. Alison is way ahead of me that’s for sure!


  1. Anonymous8:41 PM

    I'm so glad you like the ornament, Jeanne. I'm also glad the little pegs (as we call clothespins here in Australia!) made it all the way. They're a little fragile.

  2. Great post Jeanne and so nice of you to share the things that you're so thankful for. We do tend to forget how very blessed we are while others are less fortunate. Sounds like you hold Thanksgiving in your heart every day, not just the should we all:)
    I love Alison's ornie! It's adorable and how creative to use the hanger w/clothes pins!

  3. I just wanted to say thank you for a lovely post :)

  4. Great post! I'm so sorry you lost so many friends this year. :(
    I appreciate the reminder to be thankful!

  5. I love your ornament. What a wonderful Santa! And your gameboard is really stunning. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. It was lovely reading all your things to be thankful for! We really need to stop at times and look at all that we have, in comparison to so many in this world.

    Beautiful ornament from Alison!!


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