Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My PS wreath and SBEBB ornie to show

I’m busy busy busy getting everything ready for Christmas. I finished up the last bit of decorating this weekend, putting my Christmas village out and then put away all boxes & miscellany in the garage. I do enjoy all the decorations once they’re up but it sure can be a lot of work. Luckily my DH got most of the Christmas cards done already do I don’t have too many to do tonite and then that task is done as well.

I wanted to show a photograph of my Prairie Schooler ornament wreath. I already blogged about the ornaments themselves awhile back but I found a wreath on sale at TJ Maxx and thought it would work well for the ornaments since it has a natural look to it. Well it turned out to be harder than I thought to put the ornaments on it – ugh! I had to trim down the pinecones & things to make some flat places for the ornaments to hang, then figure out some way to tie them on. I had 8 ornaments but it looked too crowded so 2 went on the tree instead. Well here it is anyway after the frustration and I think it looks nice in the family room.

My SBEBB Christmas ornament exchange partner Rosa Tom in Iceland received the ornament I sent her today so I can now post a photo of it. I really enjoyed making this one. I added some sparkly glitter to the snow part. It's from JCS Best of Christmas Ornaments book.
I'm also happy to present my Quaker Garden back from the framer! I struggled picking the right frame as the colors in this piece are not really the norm, but I think it looks really nice. I'm just so glad to have it up on the wall finally! I stitched this on Lakeside Vintage Pear with Gloriana 100 silks. I love those silks! The regular Gloriana silks to me are a bit fuzzy but the 100 series has a real tight twist and are a joy to stitch with. I love them but there aren't too many colors available.
I've been on a bit of spending spree lately it seems. I ordered about $20 worth of Vicki Clayton silks to try out some colors. I need to cut down on my expenses for some of the projects I have planned and her prices are so good. Aren't they just luscious? Not sure how I'll use these yet but they were colors I thought I would have a need for.
I finally made a decision on linen for my Pride & Prejudice neighborhood. My LNS didn't have a piece large enough in the count I wanted, and I was tempted to order some different linens online but hated to buy something I've never tried for such a big piece. I went through my stash and decided I would do Vintage Lentil from Lakeside. I already have a piece of it in a different count so I know sort of what it will look like. So as soon as my big piece of 36-ct Vintage Lentil comes in I can start basting or begin the border (which I haven't yet decided on).

Hope you are getting all your holiday tasks done and still fitting in some time for stitching!


  1. Anonymous10:34 PM

    I love your prairie schooler wreath!

  2. Your wreath is gorgeous and so is Quaker Garden

  3. The wreath and ornament turned out so well. And I am in love the framed Quaker Garden! Great choice of framing for this one.

  4. Your PS ornie wreath is so pretty!
    Congrats on a beautiful job:) and I love the ornie you did for your exchange!
    Ohhh,,gorgeous frame on Quaker Garden!!

  5. Your Prairie Schooler Ornaments on the wreath is beautiful!

    Love the way you finished for the Ornaments exchange! The whole orni looks so pretty and refreshing :D

  6. Your needlework is gorgeous--that Quaker Garden turned out SO beautiful, and I'm a big PS fan too-great wreath!

  7. A wonderful wreath. A beautiful ornament and Quaker Garden is great too.

  8. Again...OMgosh, I love your PS wreath!!! Fantastic job. I will be shopping the "after Christmas sale" in search of a wreath so that I can duplicate what you have done. :)
    Your Quaker Garden is beautiful!

  9. Your PS wreath was well worth all the grief it gave you as you tried to get it just right. It looks great!
    The ornament you stitched is very pretty and beautifully finished.
    Love your BD Quaker Garden. Mine is still rolled around a tube and likely to remain there for now.
    Ahhhhh, Vikki Clayton silks. I love them and what a lovely selection of colours.

  10. Your wreath looks lovely and I love Quaker Garden.


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