Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Froggie came a courtin'..........

Meet my companion for the last week! Yes seems I’ve been living with a frog recently as far as my stitching goes. For every 2 stitches I’ve done I think I’ve had to tear out 1. I started with wanting to change out a few things on some recent starts. I decided my neighborhood border had too many colors and the the pink would clash with some of my planned buildings, so I took out all the pink flowers which then necessitated re-doing some of the other flowers in order to make the two colors of flowers alternate correctly. I wasn’t happy with my Peppermint Twist project either. I purchased the Belle Soie silk conversions from my LNS but I just wasn’t happy with all of them. The cranberry color used for the pointsettias was way too dark, it was more of a maroon-shade. The more I looked at them, the less I liked them. So I took those out and re-stitched them in a brighter red from my stash. Then the butterscotch color for the stars didn’t show up on my shade of linen so I took out the stars and tried a few golds until I found one that showed up. Just when I thought I was making progress I noticed that my stitched reindeer was one thread off. I particularly hate frogging out stitching where I used a hand-dyed thread and completed one stitch at a time – it makes it so much harder to remove. I even had to frog this week on my little lunch project I just started. Nothing seems to be going right this week at all!

But……I am excited about 2 new quilts I’m planning. I went to a quilt show last weekend with a friend and we had a great time buying some more stash (unneeded of course) and getting inspired. We are making this quilt called “Winter Memories”. I wasn't able to find a good picture of it online, in real life it's a lot prettier.

My friend already had a stash of the border fabric which really makes the quilt and we are working on finding the rest of the required fabrics from our stash and a few small purchases. It is an applique quilt and should be fun – I especially like the snowflakes and the ice skates. Of course this quilt goes with nothing in my house but that never stopped me before!

Then we both fell in love with this quilt kit from Moda called “Heritage 1846”.
It’s a reproduction of an antique quilt and sold as a kit from Moda. Imagine my surprise when I noticed on her blog that Kim is working on it too! Here's a few pics of some of the stash I bought at the quilt show. They had a wonderful button booth with these button packs for $5 each, and I picked up some great rickrack that I plan to use on some stitched pincushions (uhh...that is when I get them stitched!) I also was able to make a very quick stop at a stitching store in Tucson (only got there 15 mins before they closed) and I picked up one of Just Nan's tin sets. I've been wanting to do one of these and this shop had some of the older ones from last year. I also bought my first ever punchneedle pattern - I've been trying to hold off from this but I couldn't help myself! I did not invest in a hoop or punchneedle yet but the sample they had on display was just irresistable. Just what I need - another hobby!!


  1. The frog in the picture is a cutie, but the one you are talking about is a little devil. Gotta deal with him tonight myself. I also had some problems this week with fabric and floss.

    Looks like you acquired some good stash. Punchneedle sure is different, and the results are great. I'll have to post a photo of the one little piece I have done.

  2. did you send the frog across town? I actually ordered more fabric for my PT. i made a large mistake, which is uncommon of me (totally off center) so i am cutting around it and using the rest of that fabric for the smalls. sigh....

    i love your quilt and the one you are going to be working on. That's one hobby i haven't started, yet. LOL Punch needle is fun, i have done a couple very small ones in the past. i think you will like it.

  3. We should print that little green critter up and have target practice with him!!
    Great stash and awesome quilts!

  4. You definitely got some great stash. And the quilts you plan are just awesome, particularly the Heritage quilt. That would be my cup of tea, too.
    I hope that the frog will stay in its ponds from now on, lol.

  5. Great stashing.

    I found a bigger picture of the "Winter Memories" quilt at (no affiliation) and see you can buy the kit there too, which includes the fabrics to make it as pictured.

    Liz S.

  6. Great picture of Kermit. Maybe he should have darts in him! Love your new stash, especially the buttons believe it or not. Just do me one favor please and don't send him across the pond because WE DON'T WANT HIM thank you very much! Love Patti xxx


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