Monday, July 06, 2009

Ida Mae is on her way.......

Miss Ida Mae is coming along very well. I actually have more done than the photo shows – I took the photo a few days ago but then got busy this weekend and never updated my blog. I am about halfway done with the flowers on the right side and then only the fence at the bottom to complete. So a finish can’t be far off. I’ve also been working on Captain's Inn here and there – not too much progress but every bit helps.
I couldn’t resist starting on Blackbird Design’s latest freebie - A Souvenir from France. I have been a Francophile for most of my life so I can’t wait to finish this. I have other Eiffel Tower patterns in my stash but this little one should stitch up quickly. I am using a scrap of some 40-ct linen I had with Silk ‘n Colors Auburn Frost. I must make a run to PetsMart this week to get some of the crushed walnut shells for the filling. (I just wish it wasn’t called “reptile bedding”!!!)

Hope all my US readers enjoyed the holiday weekend. A 3-day weekend was much needed in my case as I have a severe case of work burnout lately. Too many emails, too many teleconferences, enough of spreadsheets, documents, and deadlines! It’s not like I want to wish my life away and wake up and be older but I sure am tired of working and retirement seems WAY too many emails off. I just want to stitch and sew and work is cutting into my time!

Now a little drum roll please……..I am so happy to finally present the finished quilt top that has been in progress for a year!

"Like Water For Chocolate"

My quilting buddies and I (12 of us) each designed a section of this quilt to coincide with a chapter in the book “Like Water for Chocolate”. This was a popular Mexican novella that came out several years ago (also made into a movie). It’s a story of romance, star-crossed lovers, heartache, women & babies, and the book is sprinkled with recipes. It's not the greatest of pictures but you should be able to pick out things like a Mexican ranch house, broken hearts, peppers, quail in rose petal sauce, chickens & eggs, fire, a sombrero, a wedding cake, a Mexican flag, and even a little spider. Many of the pieced blocks were chosen because the name of the quilt block went with the story - for example “Love Everlasting”, “Butter and Eggs”, or “Kings Crown”. Here's a couple closeups of some of my favorite blocks - lovers Pedro & Tita dancing, the Mexican ranch house next to "quails in rose petal sauce", and mint tea.

We are making a little fabric book to mount in the bare spot in the bottom right corner – it will contain everyone’s name and the chapter of the quilt they designed. Each of us made the quilt in our own choices of colors and fabrics, just using the same patterns or variations thereof. I started off falling in love with a beautiful floral Moda fabric I intended to use as a border (and which inspired my wild color choices) , but in the end it was too busy for a border so I’ll use on the back instead. Now on to the machine-quilting which I’ll be doing myself. I hope I can do a decent job of it. Machine-quilting is not my favorite thing to do (nor do I excel at it) but I really can’t spend a couple hundred dollars right now getting this custom-quilted.

Thanks for stopping by to visit. I really do appreciate you listening to my ramblings! :)


  1. Your quilt is beautiful! I just Ida Mae! So many people are stitching her, I feel I should jump on the band wagon!

  2. What a gorgeous quilt, Jeanne!! Beautiful job. I love your stitching WIPs, too. Ida Mae will be done in no time! ;)

  3. That is really a gorgeous quilt. So many things going on with it that you have to just keep looking to see everything! Love Ida Mae - I wasn't crazy about the design at first - but it keeps growing on me. You're going to have her done in no time!

  4. For some reason, I really love Ida Mae. She's not my usual style, but I may have to stitch her someday.

    The quilt is awesome!! I had a lot of fun picking out the things in the blocks.

    And thanks for sharing the link to A Souvenier from France. I saw that on someone else's blog, but couldn't locate the chart. It will be perfect for my daughter who just returned from a trip to France.

  5. Your WIPs are coming along wonderfully and it sounds like you'll have an HD soon!

    That quilt top is so colourful!!!

  6. What a lovely, lovely quilt...honestly it is gorgeous! And of course your stitching is DIVINE, as always :)

  7. Oh wow your quilt is gorgeous!

    Love your WIPs. Ida Mae is one fine looking crow:)

  8. oh WOW Jeanne- the quilt is stunning - truly a work of art. How wonderful to have something stitched by 12 good friends. Your Ida Mae is really sweet and I like the LHN piece too. Mel

  9. The quilt is gorgeous, congratulations. Great progress on your wips

  10. Oh wow, what a gorgeous quilt top, so full of colours, full of life. And Ida Mae is coming along great.
    Oh, how I know the feeling of just having an overload of work so that all the fun things in life seem non-existant. I hope you'll have another break from it soon.

  11. Your quilt is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
    WOW!!! Beautiful job Jeanne!! The fabric, colors, designs....fantastic!!
    Love Ida and plan to stitch her too!
    Captain's Inn is progressing very nicely!

  12. Gorgeous stitching and your quilt is just beautiful. x


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