Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Come visit and see my framing!

Well last week really got away from me, I intended to post these earlier but just getting time to do it tonite. I am not the best photographer but I did the best I could....I have museum glass put on my 'major' pieces so it makes them harder to photograph. I'm so happy with how these turned out. My 'English Sampler' below was framed with a gold filet and a backing behind the piece so that the cutwork would show. The framer used a linen filler (not sure if that's the right word) but it surrounds the sampler and it has about an inch of 'depth' to it. The glass is only over the needlework part and not the surrounding areas. This is a big piece - it's 28" long and I had to wait 3 months to get it back but finally the bare spot in my little sampler grouping is filled! I do have lots of other stitched pieces around my house but I've been trying to make this group just samplers.

(Click for a better view)

' English Sampler' from Treasures in Needlework Magazine

Stitched on 34-ct Legacy Linen in "Cafe Au Lait' with Soie D'Alger silks

The other piece I picked up was 'Sampler Lady' by Little House Needleworks. For her I picked out a rustic style frame and she is now hanging in my sewing/stitching room. I still love this design and I've started on LHN's "My Needle's Work" as sort of a companion piece.

I've been stitching on all sorts of projects.....I finally felt like I had made enough progress to post another update on Quakers & Quilts. I think I've made it to the one-third milepost now. I started out doing the quilts along the bottom and they are a lot of stitching and back-stitching so I was kind of burnt out on this project and took a break from it for awhile. I'm finding the upper portion goes a lot faster thankfully!

Are any of you "Deadliest Catch" fans? I was so sad when Captain Phil Harris had his stroke in January and died in February. It's been hard watching the show the last few episodes and seeing him pass away - it's like he died all over again. He was my favorite person on the show - you could tell he was pretty much the same guy on and off the camera. I think that's why people liked him so much - he told it like it is LOL. I work for a large international corporation where there are a lot of politics and a "process" for everything! My co-workers and I always say Phil never would've lasted a week putting up with the corporate world. Now when the next piece of corporate nonsense descends on us we laugh and say "What would Phil do?" The show just won't be the same without him next season. RIP Captain Phil!

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit. I truly enjoy each and every comment!


  1. Your sampler grouping is really beautiful, I bet I would turn green with envy if I saw it irl.

  2. Your English Sampler is stunning! It looks so beautiful and your wall of samplers is drool worthy! Really beautiful!

    You LHN finish is also pretty - love the frame and the quaker quilt piece - fab!

    I don't watch DC regularly but have seen it a time or two with the boys. Sorry about Cpt. Phil.

  3. I am so glad I found your blog! Your samplers are breathtaking. I prefer to stitch samplers, big and small. I'm working on a really big one now. It will probably take me a couple years to finish considering my slow stitching! You can check it out at my blog if you like.

  4. Oh my gosh, Jeanne! Your English Sampler is truly a work of art! Gorgeous! And your LHN piece is wonderful too! I love the colors in your Quakers and Quilts! Are you using the recommended fibers? So pretty! I don't watch the Deadliest Catch -- that's so sad about the Captain. He sounds like he was a good man.

  5. Your English Sampler is just stunning. The openwork on it is just breathtaking! Your sapler wall looks beautiful too and I love the quilt that I see hanging in the background!

  6. Wow, It does look wonderful. Your sampler wall is looking great. I have been watching Capt. Phil...so sad..
    I have a few finishes to post too...I guess I should get at it. Dianntha

  7. WOW! Your English Sampler is simply beautiful. I love your wall of samplers -- absolutely stunning.

    I just finished the Sampler Lady too. I love the frame you chose.

    Good progress on Quakers and Quilts.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Totally jealous, I am of all your beautifully framed and showcased stitcheries....utterly gorgeous!

    I've watched Deadliest Catch from the very first season. Phil was my favorite too....and Jonathon, actually I really like all of the captains and I love the show. My heart breaks for Jake, I hope he gets his act together and I've thought that Josh has really stepped up to the plate.....next season will really be different.

  9. Your framed finishes are beautiful! Love your Quakers & Quilts....so pretty!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous...everything...what more can I say?

  11. Your English Sampler is so pretty, and I love the frame you chose too. Everything is so pretty!!!

  12. Your English Sampler is STUNNING and perfectly framed!!!! Wow it shows it off to perfection!

    Your WIP is cute I really love the detain in the quilt squares!

  13. Love your samplers - they are beautiful!

    I have watched D.C. with my hubby since the beginning and I agree - not going to be the same without Phil. He and John H. are my favorite...I am curious to see what happens to Jake and Josh next week and next season. I lost my dad five years ago and can't imagine doing the greiving in public the way they are.

  14. Your framed pieces are absolutely stunning!

    Love your Quakers and Quilts. It's coming along beautifully.

  15. Your sampler is absolutely gorgeous! As a matter of fact your wall of samplers is gorgeous! They did a beautiful job of framing this piece.

    Sampler Lady is so pretty, and I'm sure she is a nice addition to your room.

  16. English Sampler is just stunning and Sampler Lady is lovely, great framing.

    Quakers and Quilts is coming along nicely, it's looking lovely.

  17. I love your sampler wall! It's just wonderful.

    I just started the bottom row of Q&Q. All the 1/4 stitches are driving me absolutely insane. It's very time consuming too. I hope all of the bottom row is not like this!

    I have a friend who has a friend who was actually friends (that all sounds weird) with Capt Phil. It's been a hard year for them and seeing the footage has made it hard again in many ways.

  18. We loved Phil too. So sad to see him go so young! Your sampler wall is just gorgeous!

  19. What a beautiful grouping of samplers! The lacis on the English Sampler is gorgeous.

    I'm cheering you on with Q&Q. Mine is still languishing in the stitching basket. . .

  20. Hi Jeanne! I see lots of room left still on that wall. :-) You can go up and down to fill it...lol. And could you go around the corner and share the quilt that is hanging? It looks very beautiful hanging behind the wall with all your pretty samplers. I love both frames you picked. The gold one has such an old fashioned feeling to it. And the one for your LHN piece is just fabulous! I love old looking frames.

    Hope you are having a great day on the other side of the globe!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  21. Your English Sampler is beautiful! (Wasn't TIN a great magazine?) Love your sampler wall -- it's a nice grouping.

  22. what beautiful made, and beautiful framed! I love the sampler wall, and I like the quilt hanging on the other wall (I just can see a little part of it)
    I'm not sure if I ever watched that tv show, but I think I'm also more like Phil. I don't like all the politics and 'rules' in my work.. And I work in a nursing home! But they are turning it into a money making business than an non profit one..

  23. Your sampler wall looks magnificent and your English Sampler is gorgeous.
    Love the frame you chose for it.
    The LHN piece is lovely also and one I would like to get around to doing someday.


  24. WOW, such gorgeous samplers on your wall. Your framer did a beautiful job.

    I love the LHN Sampler Lady, it's in my stash just need to find time to stitch her.

    I did read about the death of Phil, such a sad situation.

  25. Your work is just lovely . Glad to have found your blog! The teeny freebie is just great . love the colours in the miniature frame! Hope you are enjoying the summer

  26. Your sampler wall looks terrific.

  27. I must say you are quite an inspiration to me...your blogging is fantastic, as well is your stitching! I enjoyed reading the whole current page so far and viewing your work.
    Thank you for sharing your great finishes with us to.
    I will visit often.
    Happy Holidays! Big hugsss..
    Las Vegas,NV


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