Sunday, September 19, 2010

False starts....made better

Hi we are almost at the end of another month already! I'm juggling all sorts of things but sneaking time whenever I can for stitching. I got started on the SAL I'm doing on Blue Ribbon Designs' "It's Cold Outside". I had the recommended Lakeside Linen 'Winter Sky' in 40-ct and I put in about 2.5 hours on the project but it was totally frustrating! I was having a hard time seeing the threads and I just wasn't enjoying it all. I finally gave up and dug through my stash and found a beautiful piece of 36-count linen that looks great and in fact, I like it better than what I had started with. What do you think on my start so far?

It's Cold Outside - Blue Ribbon Designs
Stitched on 36-ct "Haven" linen by Picture This Plus
Part of the issue with working on that 40-ct original piece of blue linen was my wonderful Daylight magnifiying light broke a few weeks ago - I've had it 5 to 6 years and lately the spring in the arm had started to squeak badly and was actually ripping a tear in the metal arm. Then I stupidly turned the light too far in one direction and it broke right off. There was no way to repair it so I called my LNS and ordered a new one. These are expensive lights but if you need magnification (I really do because of my age and progessive lenses) they are THE BEST LIGHTED MAGNIFIERS I've ever tried. I had purchased the floor stand when I got my original light and luckily the replacement model will still fit my stand. It is worth every penny to me. I used my last one for over 5 years with hundreds and hundreds of hours of use for both cross-stitching and sewing and any other type of close work and I never even replaced the original bulb in it. I had a Dazor several years ago - it's also a good product - and I have a MightyBrite magnifier that I use out in our family room as it's less unsightly. In my opinion the MightyBrite doesn't hold a candle (no pun intended) to my Ultra-Slim daylight - the MightyBrite uses LED lights and they just aren't that bright. I'm so happy that I picked up my new light on Saturday and I'm back in business! Yeah!!

Daylight Ultra-Slim Magnifying Light - model U22020
I've been working hard on With My Needle too - I just have the rest of the work on the left side of the lady and I'll be done. I really love this little sampler. I hope for a finish in a few weeks!

Quakers & Quilts has been getting a little attention but not quite enough to bother taking another photo. Have you all been watching for new patterns coming out for Market? I haven't seen too much that blew my socks off and made me run down the street waving my credit card, but I'm sure something will come along. I've ordered the linen and silk pack from Attic Needlework for the conversion they did for "The Garden Glade" by CHS. (now to figure out where the money is coming from....) I've had this pattern already for awhile but when I saw how they were stitching it on a soft blue/green linen with some beautiful silks, I was hooked! You can read more about this sampler if you open the newsletter on this page from Sept 10th. (Attic Needlework Newsletters) I have no affiliation.....I'm just a customer who spends way too much money there! Here's a photo of how they are stitching up the model at Attic Needlework - I love the leaves on the tree:

I'm also liking the new Jenny Bean sampler from Shakespeare's Peddlar and might add it to my list. I think my stash is finally starting to catch up with me...I find myself not buying as many patterns because I already have so much...or at least I take a good look and decide if it's really any better or different than what I already have. I have so many things at home I'm just dying to start. I saw nothing that prompted me to buy the new JCS ornament issue either (well I did like the Sock Monkey ornament) ....I already have tons of ornie patterns and didn't see anything I couldn't live without. I'll just watch the rest of you stitch them LOL.

I got to meet a stitcher who lives near me in Phoenix on Saturday - she purchased some charts from me and we had fun chatting about our obsession. ( Hi Melissa- thanks so much for reading my blog and I enjoyed meeting you!)


  1. I really like your linen choice!

    The Jenny Bean sampler is speaking to me too! You're making good progress on With Thy Needle.

  2. I'm glad you got your light problem fixed. I use readers on top of my normal with-progressives glasses and that works really well for me. I think Jean at the Attic does that too -- she's the one who gave me the idea. You're so lucky to live close to the attic! Love all your WIPs. I'm so tempted by what the Attic is offering for the Glad. Sigh. I'd better decide - September is almost over! Yikes!

  3. I understand the problem with the magnification. I can't stitch without it. Love all of your WIP's

  4. It's cold outside looks lovely on your choice of linen. :-)

  5. Anonymous12:20 AM

    All your WIPs look lovely! I particularly like the GH one, but the Blue Ribbon one looks lovely on that blue fabric, very pretty.

  6. Love your start on Baby It's Cold Outside. Looking forward to seeing this one grow as I love it.

    Your other WIPs are coming along beautifully. Love The Garden Glade..

  7. I do like your BRD progress, and the With My Needle design is coming along beautifully, I do like her dress, the colours are glorious.
    LISA V

  8. I am so dependent on my magnifier and lamp now but I need something more portable for stitching outside of the house. I just gave my newest Daylight lamp to my mom but I don't know if she's using it so I may be able to retrieve it.

    I love the Attic Needlework newsletters. I always read them and I even save them on my computer for future use!

  9. Glad you have your light situation fixed!!! Love both pieces especially the Goode Huswife piece.

    Garden Glade is just gorgeous in the Attic colors.

  10. I had the exact same problem with the blue linen for the BRD! Now that I've seen your conversion, I think I'm going to have to shamelessly copy you and stalk-stitch you all the way to the end!

    Stalk-stitch...hey! I think I just created my very own favorite past time!

    Phoenix, eh? My family lived there for a long time, and I lived there for three summers once. My sister cries everytime she talks about a shop called "In Stitches" that she used to frequent, but I believe that it closed some time ago.

    Stay cool out there with the cacti!

    Woo Hoo

  11. I'm with you on the new things from market. Nothing really calls to me and I have sooo much in my stash already.

    Love your new start on It's Cold Outside!

  12. With my Needle is looking lovely and you've made a great start on It's cold outside.

  13. First let me say I am with you on the need for magnification and good lighting...especially on tose smaller counts. I am working on 32ct BLACK and it is next to impossible! GRRRR
    So many beautiful project displayed on your blog, I love them all.
    As for the sock monkey: it will be the first on that I stitch from the magazine!

  14. You did good on the first part of It's cold outside!
    I like the linen you used. I will show mine it's cold outside soon. I'm catching up with my christmas stockings. And I have to work on some quilting projects too. I like how the with my needle is turning out. I saw the one Heidi is working on, and it's very pretty.


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