Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back to our regularly scheduled stitching & sewing.........

I'm back on schedule after spending most of June working on blogiversary giveaways and RAK's.   I had 2 RAK's that I sent out earlier this July to Barbara of Mainely Stitching and Karen from My Favourite Things.  Both of them have been reading and commenting on my blog since my very first post 5 years ago so I wanted to reward them as faithful followers - thank you both!

I forgot to take a photo of Barbara's RAK but you can see it on her blog posting here.   I stitched a Prairie Schooler design ("Farm Fresh") and made it into a little pillow. I sewed a fabric project bag for her and also sent a needleminder from Paula Kelmscott's collection.  I chose a chickens theme for the stitched piece because if you read her blog you'll know Barbara raises chickens and of course since she lives in Maine she certainly needs to have the lighthouse needleminder. 

For Karen's RAK at least I remembered to take a photo this time before mailing it......I chose another PS design  because it reminded me of Karen with its cat and yarn balls.  Karen has 2 cats and she's not only a great stitcher and finisher but she knits too.   Karen  also received a mesh project bag I made and I included some fat quarter quilting fabrics for her to use in her finishing business.  I'm so pleased that Barbara and Karen liked what I made for them.

Prairie Schooler #116 - Y is for Yarn
Stitched in DMC on 32-ct linen, finished pinkeep-style

(By the way I found the cute little easel shown above at JoAnn's recently in the picture frame department and I went back and bought several more -  they cost about $2.50 US or less with a coupon of course.   What I love about these is they are small and work great for pinkeeps - they have sort of a rustic finish in brown/black.) 

There's a few things I finished back at the end of May that I haven't gotten around to blogging know how it is.   May seems ages ago doesn't it although it's less than 2 months - how the time flies by when you're busy!  I stitched this piece below because it reminded me of an LNS I used to go to, and also to recall a special trip to Hawaii some years back.   This piece didn't seem that big when I started it but it was tons of solid stitching as you can see and seemingly endless sand..OMG.  I changed out the wording on the pattern and added a couple of hibiscus flowers.  This pattern used lots of specialty stitches which added some nice texture to the palm tree trunks, the water,  etc.

"Kona Coast" - oldie from Ewe & Eye & Friends
Stitched with DMC on 32-ct linen

Closeup of Kona Coast

I did manage to finish up my puppy dog quilt on time for the baby boy christening in June - my husband delivered it in person as I couldn't go with him to Chicago this time. I'm told the family loved it so mission accomplished once again.  I just found out that another niece is expecting so next year I'll need to do another baby quilt - it's tough keeping up with all these babies!

"Dog Daze" baby quilt - stitched & quilted by me
Pattern by Kimberly Rado

I posted about this last year..I had finally finished up an old quilting UFO that had been a nemesis of mine for way too long... this pattern was so much work!  You make tons of blocks then you cut them in half diagonally and recombine them all again.  There are many, many seams that drove me crazy matching up.   I took the quilt top to my longarm quilter a few months ago and I got it back a few weeks ago.  The quilting is fabulous and now at least I like this quilt again LOL.     I sewed the binding on the edges and have happily moved another  project to the 'finished' list.  I have no idea what to do with this quilt.....I'm thinking of asking for a quilt ladder for my birthday this fall as we have only 2 beds in our house which already have quilts,  and I'm short on wallspace.  I have lots of quilts just stacked up in closets.   I really don't need any more quilts of course but do you think that's going to stop me from making more?  :)

"Radio Flyer" - pattern by Miss Rosie's Quilts
Quilt pieced by me and quilted by a longarm quilter here in Phoenix......
hope you can see the beautiful quilting on the borders, and the back of the quilt really
 shows the pretty swirl pattern - love it!

Lastly thought I'd post an update on Quakers & Quilts. I got really tired of this piece and was trudging through it with a grumpy in 'why did I ever decide to stitch this??'.  This week though I finally reached the point where I can see the end is getting near - I just have some more on the right side to do - one more quilt block and a little bit of the upper section.  I'm probably about 85% done.  Hallelujah!!   I'm starting to anticipate a happy dance!  I've got the energy going now  and working hard to finish this up quickly. I'm so anxious to start some new stuff but I am keeping to my rule of finishing a WIP first.   It will be heavenly to have all this tedious backstitching and the half-stitches behind me!

"Quakers & Quilts" by Rosewood Manor
(why does it look good until you photograph it and then every wrinkle shows?!?!)
Be back soon I hope!  Thanks for dropping in............


  1. Hi Jeanne,
    You have been really busy! the RAKS are beautiful. What a wonderful thing. I really like tie Rosewood manor piece.
    Congratulations on the quilt finish. What a wonderful heirloom!

  2. Love your quilt finishes! Remember need has nothing to do with it! lol Just keep on quilting if you enjoy it! Nice RAK finishes and love the quaker piece! You have really accomplished a lot these past two months!

  3. Your RAKs for Barbara and Karen are just gorgeous--I'm sure they were tickled pink to receive them :)

    Lovely work on Quakers and Quilts, too, Jeanne!

  4. Great stitching - love the Quakers & Quilts and that doggie quilt makes me smile!

  5. Don't EVER stop quilting! I love watching what you create. :D

    And, as you know, I love the beautiful pillow you sent me. As I type this, it's right here beside me in the library/stitching room. It's so perfect - thank you!!!

  6. I am gasping as I scroll down and drool over each photo. Oh. My. GOSH!!! Your stitching and quilting are amazing. Love the RAKs that you did! The puppy dog quilt is just amazing, and the Miss Rosie's quilt-- drool drool drool. I love what your quilter did with it, too. I have been planning to do that one from the Schnibbles Times Two book but maybe now I'll rethink it a bit with all those seams. ;) You did a great job with it. Love the Q&Q, too! You'll be happy dancing in no time.

  7. Oh my goodness! So many wonderful pieces to ooh and ahh over! Gorgeous work! I love them all! You're almost done with Quakers and Quilts -- and it's so gorgeous! That puppy quilt is just precious! (Can you tell what two projects stuck most in my head? lol!) It was so nice of you to make those RAKs for Barbara and Karen too. Wow!

  8. Your quilts make me want to weep! In a totally good way...the radio flyer is gorgeous! The puppy dogs...that sweet little baby boy is so lucky!
    Your Rosewood Manor WIP is close! and your RAK's to both Barbara and Karen are cute as buttons! Everything is always so inspiring and lovely :)

  9. What super RAK's and lovely quilts!! Great WIP.

  10. Your RAK's are super-cute and so well thought out for each of your recipients. Very thoughtful!

    Your quilts are gorgeous and I love your Quakers and Quilts. Can't wait to see it finished. I'm sure you will be doing a happy dance very soon:))

  11. What lucky gals your RAK's went to and the winners of your giveaways - such lovely things you do Jeanne - the quilts are wonderful and Q&Q oh my ! you are SOOO close - YGG - you can do it !
    enjoy your summer projects! OH Love the Kona piece - Mel

  12. Quakers and Quilts looks beautiful!! It is so nice nearing a finish, isnt it!! I feel like a li'l girl unable to contain her happiness:)

  13. Anonymous4:13 AM

    Jeanne, once again many thanks for your wonderful RAK. I do hope to blog sometime next week and thank you more publicly.

    Q&Q is so nearly done and is looking gorgeous! Hopefully you'll have a finish in the very near future.

  14. What a fun post!!!! Love all the eye candy, everything is so pretty. I especially like the EEF piece and the Rosewood Manor Quaker Quilts :-). Sweet baby quilt too and your other quilt is stunning, congrats on all the finishes.

  15. Lovely RAKs Jeanne and your Kona Coast piece is gorgeous.

    Q&Q is looking amazing!

    Love your quilts. What gorgeous heirlooms.

  16. Wow you have been busy and everything looks just wonderful! What a beautiful RAK you sitched up.

    I love all of the specialty stitches you added to your house piece, its nice to have pieces with significant meaning.

    That doggie quilt is so adorable and congrats on finishing that UFO!!! The longar quilter did a fantastic job.

    That WIP will be done in no time and will be magnificent!

  17. Now how have I missed this wonderful blog? Was just over at Karen's looking at her RAK gifts. You are one talented needlewoman!

  18. Gorgeous finishes, congratulations

    Quakers and Quilts is looking gorgeous, won't be long now.

  19. Hi

    You have done some gorgeous work and I love the quilt. I can only imagine the work that has gone into that!

    Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.

  20. Oh my goodness where do I start?
    There is so much in this post and all of it just fabulous!
    Your quilting projects are gorgeous - the puppy dogs make me smile :)
    Quakers and Quilts is stunning.
    Love the RAK gifts you sent to Karen which I have just enjoyed viewing on her blog. You certainly chose well for her with the cat and yarn design.
    Oh and the Kona Coast piece is so lovely. I've never seen that design before. Your finish was well worth having to slog at all the solid stitching areas.

  21. Love everything you've posted about, especially the Dog Daze quilt. It remind me of our collie/retriever mix, Chrissy, who we affectionately called the "Dumb Blonde". She had the same expressions as the dogs on your quilt!

    Your stitching is beautiful too.

    Thanks for coming by my blog too!

  22. Two wonderful RAKs and your Quakers & Quilts is gorgeous.
    The doggy quilt is so cute and the Miss Rosie quilt finish is stunning!


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