Sunday, May 13, 2012

Finally - my May WIPocolypse update

Can't believe it's almost the middle of May already!  Seems like I've been stitching along but I don't have a whole lot to share.   I stitched a little more on American Sampler but not enough that I feel like taking new photos so I'll save an update on that for next month.   I've also been working on putting the binding on 2 quilts that I had quilted so I need to finish those up and get some photos taken. Those are 2 big things off of my WIP list!

We had an absolutely wonderful time in Maui....we didn't want to come home!   The weather was great and the resort was lovely.   We stayed in the same Wailea area where we had visited about 10 years ago, but at a different hotel this time.   Other than a bit of sunburn the first day (not enough sunscreen - note to self for next time!), and losing my prescription sunglasses in a big wave (next time put them on a cord!), all was great.  We ran into someone from the Dog the Bounty Hunter show in one of the hotel pools...not Dog himself but someone else on the show.   It was funny as we had been joking on the way about maybe seeing Dog.    Here's the views from our hotel room:

I did finish up the April selection for the 2012 Year of Small blog.  This is "Tisket a Tasket" from Little by Little Designs. I made it into a standing easel.  It was hard finding some fabric to go with the funky colors in this piece but luckily I had something in my stash that worked. 

I also finished up my May ornament, the companion piece to Merry Skater from last month.  This is LHN's "Happy Skater" from the 2011 JCS ornament issue.    I need to do the finishing on both of these...I got some cording made for the hangers but that's as far as I've gotten.  I think I want to do a beaded edge on these ornies which means I need to order some more beads.  The LNS always seems to be out of red or green beads....grrrr.

Last night I started on an old EEF piece....this is "Liberty House".  I've wanted this pattern awhile and when I saw Faye's finish on her blog last summer I had to find it.  I was able to get it off of eBay a few months later and it was kitted up even so I was thrilled.   My hope is to have a small basket of patriotic smalls sometime this summer so this will be the first.

It's supposed to hit 105 this week in Phoenix - ack!   I'm not mentally prepared for the heat yet...hopefully it won't last more than a day or two and then go back down a bit.


  1. Wow, Maui looks like it was wonderful! Bummer about the sunglasses though. Love your Tisket a Tasket stand up -- very nice! Great ornie finish too! Nice start on Liberty House -- I always love EEF designs.

  2. We just got back from Hawaii ourselves (not Maui, but Oahu and the Big Island), and loved every minute of it. What a beautiful state!

    Your stitching looks beautiful. Congrats on your finishes.

  3. Maui looks like a fantasy getaway! I love Little by Little designs, and your finish is beautiful - so are your ornaments!

  4. Lovely ornaments - well done!

  5. Sounds like you had a perfect vacation! Beautiful views.

    Liberty House is one of my favorite patriotic designs. Glad you found the chart. Pretty finishes, too!

  6. Maui is so beautiful. Must be hard to get back to reality!!!
    Your April Small is so cute. You did a wonderful job finishing it!!!
    So glad your skaters are now a couple!!!

  7. Your trip looks like it was wonderful! I can only imagine how hard it was to come back. Love your finish and your skating pieces - very cute!

  8. Cute finishes and WIPs!!! Love the Maui pictures too, we are going later this year and staying in the same area. Now I really can't wait!!!!!

  9. The owners of the company i work for are of Hawiian descent. their mother is Hawaiian and their aunt still lives in the family home there in Honolulu - each of them spend anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month or more there every year - bliss! total bliss! Don't guess I'll ever make it there at this point. Love your Tisket Tasket - the fabric you found is so perfect and the little stand up is very creative. Love all your stitching projects - Mel

  10. It looks like you had a wonderful time in Hawaii - it's been a long time since I was there - I would love to go back one day.

    Love your easel finish!

  11. Glad your trip was wonderful. Isn't Hawaii the best place on earth? I could soooo live there!
    Your stitching is wonderful. I'm so happy to see your Drawn Thread game board. I have that pattern stashed away somewhere, and I've always wanted to stitch it. Great job on everything. Glad your are back safe and sound. 105 sounds awful!

  12. gorgeous stitching :) and lovely trip!

  13. Lovely resort you were at in Maui!! I could easily go there anytime!! Glad you had a wonderful time!! I love the fabric you chose for a Tisket. It really works!! I loved stitching the Happy Skater. He's a good match for the Merry one :D

  14. Sounds like a great holiday.

    Great finish on A Tisket A Tasket and your ornies are lovely.

  15. Wow, maui is beautiful...I was there 26 years ago, about time for me to revisit.

    I love your Tisket a Tasket and am wondering how you finished that? Did you use a tutorial online? I am wondering how you made the stand for it...can't tell from the side pic but it looks awesome.

    I am anxious to see pics of your quilts, I have one in progress on my sewing room floor...they are a lot of work.

    You have been busy and your work is beautiful!

  16. Hi Jeanne! I'm a new follower :)

    Welcome back! I was in Hawaii last August and I simply LOVED it! I even tried surfing... but I doubt I'll ever do it again hehe. Very happy you had such a great time!

    Love you new starts/finishes. I look forward to more.

    Happy Stitching!!!


  17. Anonymous2:43 AM


    I'm also a new follower!

    Your holiday looks amazing!

    Your stitching is lovely, especially the LHN ornaments which are so sweet!

  18. Jeanne, I tried to send you an email response to your comment on my blog but it would not go through, so here is what I said:

    You are right about opening up all kinds of new ideas!!!! Sometimes, though, I am still a linen snob so I have to get over there. I guess I could try over one on 28, but not sure it is as easy.

    Reality checks are hard. Sometimes I can do them and sometimes not! Like today...I got the July cottage chart from Country Cottage Needleworks. It is just too cute!!

    Isn't that QEII chart cute???

    Have a great weekend Jeanne!

  19. Hi Jeanne! On my blog you asked if I had the Carrot freebie and if you could have a copy. Well, you're in luck because I found it. However, I clicked on 'email' on your profile page and I get an error. I don't have the microsoft email on my computer. So if you could leave me a message at and leave me your email and I will send a copy by email. Glad I found it and hope you catch this message soon! Cheers!


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