Monday, July 30, 2012

More ornie finishes and new starts........

First a big thank you for all the encouraging comments on my Pride & Prejudice sampler!  It sure helps me get re-enthused about finishing this one up.    I'm finishing up a tree and starting on "Rosings Park" now.

I finally finished up my set of Christmas ornaments for July. I'm still on track with my monthly schedule.   I did all 4 of the little tartlet pan ornaments from Victoria Sampler. Even though those are small, it still seemed to take awhile with all the backstitching of pine boughs and the buttons & beads and mounting. I bought my tartlet pans from a local cooking store rather than ordering them from Victoria Sampler.  Mine were slightly smaller than the ones used in the chart so I stitched my ornies on 32-ct fabric instead of 28-ct so they would fit.  I liked these tartlet pans because they were thinner in depth...I punched a hole in the back with a nail and put my ribbon hanger in that way instead of gluing the ribbon on the back per the instructions. I think it looks better and I'm happy with the end product.  

"Woodland Creatures" by Victoria Sampler

I got something fun in the mail this weekend - so much better than bills!  Mary Kathryn of eHandcrafts was selling off a few unframed stitched pieces of hers.   I saw this and it seemed like it needed to come home with me.  This is one of the Dear Diary charts (Elizabeth McGuire) from LHN, but Mary Kathryn altered it a bit to add the wording and make it a tribute to Little House on the Prairie.  What a cute idea!  I have this chart but wouldn't have thought of doing that myself.  

 I'm not embarrassed to admit I have some boxed sets of the Little House DVD's either....Costco used to sell them for about $10 per season so it was a good deal. Sure there are some occasional silly episodes and like most series, it wasn't as good the last couple of years but so many of them are still enjoyable. It's fun to see who pops up as guest stars on that show from so long ago...Ernest Borgnine, Johnny Cash, and many others. I remember watching these reruns back in the late 70' roommate at the time and I would take bets on how far into the show Laura would cry- she was always crying about something LOL. (I defy anyone NOT to cry on the episode when Mary goes blind and the one with the big fire where her baby dies....sniff sniff...) I'll need to get this framed but will enjoy owning it.

Are you enjoying the Olympics? Kudos to you Brits...what a wonderful opening ceremony!  I loved seeing the history of Great Britain vignettes and the fun film of the Queen & James Bond.   I picked out a couple small projects to work on while watching but I haven't gotten far enough to take any stitching photos yet.

This one is an oldie.......once upon a time SANQ magazine published 4 seasonal patterns by Ruth Ann Russell to fit inside the Olde Colonial clocks. I bought the clock several years ago and I see the date on the magazines is 2003!!  I had no idea they had been sitting this long waiting to be stitched!  I've kitted up the summer-themed clock sampler to start.

Summer Strawberry Sampler - Ruth Ann Russell of C Street Samplers
(from SANQ magazine Summer 2003)

I also got out this little kit from Shepherd's Bush for the "Glory" scissors fob. I substituted my own linen from the one in the kit...and I will make it into a little smalls pillow instead of a fob. I don't like  fobs this large on my scissors as I think they get in the way.  So silly I've let this sit for a couple years when it's so small.

"Glory" fob kit from Shepherd's Bush

That's about it for today I guess.  Enjoy your week!


  1. Great ornament finishing! I like that they are smaller than the original too.

    Can't wait to see your progress on the Strawberry Sampler for your clock. It looks to be a very pretty piece.

  2. The ornaments are perfect. What lovely projects you have going on.

  3. I love those ornie finishes! So pretty! Great new projects you've picked out too! Good choices! I used to be addicted to watching Little House. lol! Loved that series so much! And I really loved the books too! I always thought that since I grew up in Kansas, that must be where Laura Ingalls Wilder grew up too. :D

  4. Love the tartlets! They turned out so cute! Great new starts too! Have a great week.

  5. Oh I love those little ornaments!
    I have one of those mini flan cases too so now you've inspired me to do something with it.
    Lovely projects you have picked out for your new starts.
    I'm loving the Olympics!

  6. Your ornaments are too the little tartlet pan finish!

    I have to laugh at your SANQ designs.... I too have had this in my To Do basket for years. I just love them and I think seeing yours makes me want to bring mine out to stitch!

    happy stitching...

  7. Lovely ornaments, well done!

  8. I love your ornaments for this month. They look great!
    All the other projects are just lovely too. I can't wait to see your progress.

  9. Those finishes are absolutely adorable. What a lovely way to finish them!

    I am proud to stand up and say that I am a Little House on the Prairie fan! My hubby buys me a new boxed set each year for Christmas and I am up to series 7 at the moment. Just about every episode has a moral that people could do with thinking about. I wish I could get hold of the books for a reasonable price to re-read.

  10. Beautiful ornaments!!
    When I was a child, This story was televised by national broadcasting of Japan ,too. It is a very favorite drama.

  11. The ornaments are just darling, the little woodland animals look so good in the small tart tins.

    Pride and Prejudice is coming along nicely - what a great project, so much thought and research and stitching.

  12. Those tart ornies are so darling! I love them and they will look great at Christmas time! Ooooh Laura Ingalls Wilder! Love that LHN pattern and that show...I cried when Mary went blind and lost her child :( That brings back lots of memories for me!

  13. Hi Jeanne! It has been far too long since I stopped in for a visit. I have missed my time spent seeing your beautiful work. And it is beautiful! Those ornaments are adorable. I have tons of those tartlet pans and could do those. I am working on a special ornament right now that will be the tester for more. I am hoping it all works out as in my mind.

    I love Little House and am a little green with envy that you have the box set of the series. What a deal. I keep wanting to get them through Amazon. I no longer have Dutch TV and cannot watch them anymore but I have satellite and none of the British stations show it. Lucky you and even luckier to have that beauty by MK. That is so adorable!

    Hugs from Holland ~

    P.S. - P&P is fabulous and really coming along. I also adore that gorgeous quilt you made. Congratulations on a beautiful job!

  14. Oh, those little animal finishes are just perfect, Jeanne!! Will really have to stitch one of them myself one of these days :)

    Looks like you have plenty of other great projects waiting in the wings--am especially looking forward to seeing the clock project all finished up!

  15. Love your tartlet adaptation YGG - Nice that you can plunder thru stash and come up with some awesome projects you are still excited about stitching. Funny how that LHN sampler you bought invoked all those memories for so many about the Little House series. Melody

  16. Gorgeous stitching! I love the little house! my favourite series growing up I loved to read the books. the tv show changed the books a bit too much for my liking.

  17. Nice finish on the VS ornaments.

    I too have that clock and have never stitched the design for it...I am not even sure I know where it is. Maybe I should fid it and put it on my To Do List. I look forward to seeing yours completed.

    Your work always impresses me!

  18. The ornaments are lovely, great finishing

  19. Your ornie finishes are so cute. Love the little tartlets you used for finishing.


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