Friday, August 31, 2012

August WIPocolypse #2 - Jeanne

Well I was on the last day before the cutoff for the first August update so now I have to do the second one a day or two later!  Did you know we're having a blue moon now?  It's the second full moon of August hence it's called a blue moon.   And it's a lovely one too....I was taking a walk last evening and admiring the moon and thinking about Neil Armstrong dying.   I wonder what it's like looking up and seeing the moon and knowing you've stood there??  I know a lot of you are too young or weren't even born yet in 1969 but I remember clearly sitting in my living room with my parents and siblings watching him step out and making his famous statement.  The picture was so fuzzy you couldn't see much but it was thrilling.  Back in those days EVERYbody watched all the TV coverage of the space flights.   It makes me sad to think he's gone now.  A lot of our real heroes are quiet, unassuming people who don't want to be celebrities yet have done remarkable things.

Well I don't have a lot of stitching progress to report since my post 2 days ago of course.   I made a decision this morning to trash the ornament I was stitching on the light green linen.  I was getting close to finishing it but the more I saw of it the less I liked it and I began to hate it.  I finally decided that was enough so I've thrown it out and will pick something else.  No sense wasting my precious stitching time on something I don't love.   Onwards!

I thought I'd share another old UFO with you today.  I was reminded of it last night reading the post from Carol over at Stitching Dreams - she stitched a lovely small with a PS birdhouse on it. I haven't worked on this project in probably 2 years but it's part of my WIPocolypse list and hoping I make some progress this year on it.    Remember back when everyone was doing those neighborhood round robins a few years ago?  Well I started my own....and like I frequently do....I went overboard.  I gridded off a big piece of linen with 9 squares figuring I'd have 9 houses in my neighborhood surrounded by trees and other fun stuff.  What the heck was I thinking?!?   Here's a photo showing the middle and lower rows.  There are some PS charts used here and a big tree from a BBD chart. My plan was to have a creek run across the bottom that would end in a little pond at the right at the mill house.

During the height of the 'neighborhood' craze everybody was wanting the birdhouse from Prairie Schooler's Garden Samplers on their neighborhood as someone in France  ("Stitcher Zero" who started the fad)  had done that and everybody loved it. Well 'Garden Samplers' at that time was going for $45 and up on eBay because of the I adapted a little $6 chart from Michael's instead and put that in the middle. Last year I had a thought maybe I could just finish the lower row of this BAP and cut off the rest of the linen and call it done. I had forgotten about the birdhouse and I didn't want to trash that. SO....I played around in Microsoft Powerpoint and had an idea I could make this arch-shaped along the top. That way I wouldn't have to stitch the entire top row of the 9 squares, and just finish what was left under the arch. I can have arch-shaped mats cut to fit and I think this is a good solution.

So that's my plan now and maybe I can finish this off before the linen starts to rot LOL.   It's slightly further along than this but I haven't taken a photo of it in a long time.


  1. So pretty! I hope you work more on it.

  2. oooo can't wait to see the finished version ... I like the sound of your adaptations .. and bargains to boot too .
    love mouse xxxx

  3. I too remember watching the moon landing with my family! What a time that was!!
    I love your neighborhood and your solution idea for the BAP dilemma. Can't wait to see more. I'm glad I didn't jump on that bandwagon (I was very tempted) cause mine would be a huge WIP that never got finished. I hope you'll finish yours, it will be fabulous!

  4. I just came back from a drive and saw that gorgeous moon--was telling my husband the same thing about it being a blue moon! I well remember the moon walk--I was 14 that summer of '69 and it was all so exciting...

    Love your neighborhood, Jeanne! That birdhouse IS remarkably similar to the PS one, isn't it--great idea to substitute it and save yourself some money! I think your arc shaped idea is a great one--I look forward to seeing it progress :)

  5. Jeanne, I remember those garden round robisn well! Am so impressed that you decided to take one on for yourself. Looks like you made a great start on it and after 2 years hiatus, can make a fresh return.

    I am quite curious - how did you use PowerPoint to reconfigure the design? I use it for work all the time, but had never thought about it for stitching.

  6. Amen on Neil Armstrong! The neighbourhood project looks lovely, and I hope it will continue - good luck!

  7. Born in '69, so can't remember a lot....
    But no-one will forget Neil Armstrong!
    Great idea to 'fix' your UFO. Now you can finish this one and have a unique neighborhood.

  8. Good luck with your neighborhood! I too remember all those round robins; I think I participated in two of them. Neither piece is finished; in fact, I don't even know if I got one of the pieces back....

  9. I love the way you creatively think so as to make your stitching life a bit easier. :D The arch idea is fabulous and will look great.

    My one and only Neighborhood RR found it's way back to me but has sat for a long, long, long time. It is a wonderful piece, but I have yet to put the finishing stitches on so there it sits.

    Yes, I am old enough to remember the walk on the moon. There was not a person in my neighborhood that was not hovering around the TV watching history being made.

  10. I like your plan for your neighborhood sampler, it's looking lovely

  11. Beautiful stitching.


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