Saturday, April 04, 2015

Happy Easter!

We're celebrating with Easter dinner tonite as we have some relatives in town who are coming over.  Thought I'd share my "lamb cake 2015" with you and a couple photos of some beautiful blooming trees on our block. We've had lovely weather the last few weeks and so enjoying it before the hot weather starts to come in  May.  

Due to getting ready to host dinner tonite and doing all the prep work I've designated tomorrow as 'do nothing" day - doing nothing but stitching and going out to dinner!  Should be great. I've been working on my gift exchange for the Primitive Stitchers Society retreat the end of April.  Amost done with the stitching but then have the finishing work to do.  Pardon the wrinkles, it's still a work in progress.   At the end of the retreat we'll draw names for the gift exchange and this is going to the one I'll be bringing.

Easter lamb cake

Blooming "orchid" tree

blooming Palo Verde tree

Stacy Nash Spotted Hair Pinkeep Drum


  1. What a sweet lamb cake. Enjoy family.
    Those are some gorgeous trees.
    What a cute spotted hare.
    A Blessed Easter to you!

  2. Your trees are gorgeous. Your cake looks very tasty. And I really like your spotted hare project.

    Easter blessings to you!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Oh, the Stacey Nash piece is so cute!!

  4. Your Lamb cake is cute,
    My Mom used to make one every year.
    Very pretty trees.
    And love the Stacy Bash piece.

  5. Your cake looks beautiful. X

  6. Love the Stacy Nash piece! Beautiful! The lamb cake is wonderful! Happy Easter!

  7. Your lamb cake is adorable and I love the drum pinkeep. One of these days I must try to make one. Happy Easter to you and your family

  8. I love your lamby cake and am sure it's super delicious! The trees are absolutely beautiful, as is the piece your stitching for the PSS Exchange! It won't be long now until I get to meet you in person after "meeting" on line quite a few years ago. That will surely be one of the highlights of the whole Retreat for me! Happy Easter Hugs being sent! :)

  9. On what a sweet cake! I hope you had a wonderful day. Happy Easter!

  10. I love your cake :) I've made plenty of those, but only on First Communion Days...I ought to start making them for Easter :)
    Happy Easter to you!

  11. The cake is so nice, would feel guilty cutting it,lol.

  12. There are a lot of people here too who make these lamb cakes for Easter. Yours is looking so good.
    I hope you had a nice visit with family and a great relaxing Easter Sunday.

  13. Your stitching is lovely!

  14. Your lamb cake look great! I'm sure it was quite tasty too.

    Nice work on the Stacy Nash design.

  15. The Stacy Nash piece is lovely and your cake looks great


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