Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Halloween - a bit early!

Here in the southwest we are enjoying the last few days of wonderful weather before it starts to get hot. I have hibiscus starting to bloom in the backyard and things are starting to recover from the winter freeze we had.

Here are some photos of a recent UFO finish - a Halloween quilt I started about 2 years ago. It was hard to photograph because it's so big. You can't see much of the block motifs unless you click on it and view the larger version. I really love Halloween and when I saw a model of this quilt I just had to make it. I puchased a panel of motifs for the centers of the blocks. I'm not sure what I will do with it now that's it done - I don't really have a place to hang a big quilt like this just for a holiday. Hopefully it will fit nicely on the guest bed or draped over a chair or something. I really want to purchase a quilt ladder to display some of my quilts on - too many of them are stacked in the linen closet.

I'm also posting my latest progress on the English Sampler. I finally finished the band with the numbers on it - all Algerian eyelets which took forever to do. So I completed that band and carnation band under it and now making progress on the center floral motif. I only photographed the top portion of this sampler - the bottom is various bands of whitework which I have probably about 40% done so far. This picture is a bit blurry but if you click on it you can see it enlarged and clearer. This is one of the projects I'm committed to finishing this year. I'm making good progress lately.

I was at my LNS for open stitching the other day, did very well controlling my spending but did pick up Brightneedle's "Pretty in Pink" along with the linen and a few fibers for it. I have admired this done by members of the Legacy board and glad I finally picked it up. Also showing some of the pearl-headed pins I picked up at Joann's recently - I anticipate doing several pinkeeps but none have been completed yet. I have dreams! I also got a call today that my hornbook pattern and materials are in. Can't wait to pick it up. This is by Pam Schmidt of The Prairie Sampler.

I hear there's a new design out of Gingher embroidery scissors - I need to get to Joann's quick before they run out of them. I believe it's called "Maria". I've seen it on eBay - looks a lot like the last set Alyssa just in a different colorway. Not my favorite colors this time but I'll buy them anyway! :)


  1. Oh, I love your band sampler! And your new stitchy stash...VERY nice!!
    I don't care for the Maria's either...but....gotta have 'em anyway :)

  2. Oh, very very nice! The quilt is very cute(I am a quilter, too)and to have a finish this early (wink, wink) is wonderful.
    The band sampler is looking great.I have a friend who did that a couple of years ago. I personally am about 75% of the way on the Proper samper. I really am not enjoying the whitework, but I too am going to finish the thing this year. Good luck.

  3. LOVE the Quilt...I sent my sister a link to your blog as she teaches quilting and I'm sure will love to see it. Gingher also has a Patriotic pattern out that you will find on the home page of Norden crafts

  4. The quilt is gorgeous and I love the sampler! Nice to see you blogging again :-).

  5. Beautiful quilt! I have that one in my stash all cut out and ready to go.


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