Friday, April 27, 2007

Small finish week for me

I have a few small things I’ve finally gotten the finishing work done on. About 6 weeks ago I made a list of 11 things that I really had to get done. They were not all stitching projects but a few quilting odds & ends and some other craft projects. All of them were close to being done but just needed a bit of a push to get to the finish line. I’m happy to report I have now made it through 7 of the items on my list! It’s a good feeling getting some of these out of the way. My plan is when I’m done with these 11 things, I’m going to make a new list of the next 10 things to work though.

This is a Loose Feathers design by Blackbird Designs called “Winter Delivery”. I stitched it early last year but it’s been sitting in the finishing bag ever since. I had fun digging through my huge stash of quilting fabric for some backing fabric that fits nicely with the colors.

A view of the back:

My other progress this week was the finishing of this little Prairie Schooler design. I stitched it years ago and stuck it in a drawer. I never did do anything with it. I’m happy with how it came out – hard to get a good picture of the backing fabric at night but the backing fabric is the perfect blend of colors and looks really cute. I am getting better at finishing and especially at making cording. I bought one of those Conair hair braiding gadgets and I love making cording with it. It saves me from having to ask my husband to assist me in making the cording and it’s much faster. That little gadget is well worth the money! I got mine on eBay and I think I’m going to pick up another one while they’re still available. I don’t think they are manufacturing them anymore.

Next up on my list is a small quilted wallhanging I started about 2 years ago. I made one for a small quilt auction and liked it so much I wanted one for myself. Isn’t that the way it goes a lot of the time? We find time to make something for someone else but our own projects frequently don’t get finished. Then I have several holiday towels I want to make – these are cotton plaid towels that you do fusible applique on and I have several pairs I had planned to make for Christmas gifts. Well they’ve been sitting in a box for about 2 or 3 years now so I’m finally going to tackle them.

I hope all of you are making progress on your own projects. I appreciate those of you stopping by and taking the time to make comments. The husband usually gives me a distracted nod and a “very nice” whether I spent 2 evenings or 2 years making it!


  1. WOW! Both are stunning!
    Great job!

  2. Your finishes are just wonderful. I know too well the "very nice" husband praise!

  3. Everything is gorgeous. I especially love Winter Delivery, I am a BBD kick right now :-).

  4. Beautiful finishes! I'll have to look into buying one of those Conair things - that is the best idea!

  5. Your finishing is just gorgeous! Great job!

  6. Really beautiful finishes. I'm curious how you attach your cording... do you stitch it on, or glue it? It's so nice and straight and taught. Your fabric colors coordinate just beautifully! Congratulations on getting so much accomplished.

  7. Beautiful pieces, Jeanne, and the backing fabrics are PERFECT!

  8. Beautiful finishes. I just bid on a "Winter Delivery" on eBay :^)

    Which PS book is the crow and pumpkin design from?

    I'll also have to look into the Conair braider. I use the bobbin winder on my sewing machine, but if I understand how the Conair braider works correctly, I think it will be easier to us on really long cording.


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