Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another project off the list. :)

I finished up my Christmas towels. I bought these towels probably 2 or 3 years ago intending to decorate them and give them for Christmas gifts. Well they're finally finished - yeah! They were more work than I thought they'd be so I'm glad to scratch them off my list. I'm giving my mom and sister their choice for a set and probably give one to coworker and keep whatever is left. These are made from patterns in Nancy Halvorsen's Art to Heart Christmas books - I usually buy her Christmas book every year because she has so many cute ideas. Her books and the Need'l Love "threads" books (Autumn Threads, Wintergreen Threads, etc) are some of my favorite books to pick up for fun projects.

I was showing these to my DH when I was fusing on the applique - I asked him if he could recognize what the elf on the red towel was before I got the eyes and details on it. He said "a pig in a hat". A pig! Of course I was annoyed but the more I looked at it, yes the more it looked like a pig! I tried to make it not look so pig-ish but I'm afraid it will just have to stay that way. It is rather funny and I think I better keep that red set for myself as no one may want a pig towel. :)

Now that '24' is over for the season I don't know what I'm going to watch all summer. I can't believe they won't come back for next season until January! I need a job like that - it pays millions and you get 7 months off every year. I don't watch very much TV anyway - I don't like reality shows so other than a few crime dramas like Law & Order etc I don't watch much. I do have lots of movie and TV shows on DVD at home and I put them on in my craft room to have something to listen to. The nice thing about old movies and shows is you don't have to watch it that much, you can listen and still sew or stitch.

Here's a picture of my little dog Abby. She's very funny and amuses us all the time. It doesn't look very comfortable but for some reason she likes to sit in the doggy door and peer out at the world. Every time I open my walk-in closet she goes and sits under my long dresses. I guess she likes to be enclosed for some reason. The trouble with that is she has gotten shut in the closet twice now when I didn't see her in there. Dogs are so funny.


  1. Those towels are beautiful. What a wonderful job you did on them ;)

  2. Your towels are really cute! Great job!

  3. The towels are great, especially the Santa. And, I agree, with the right nose, that elf looks like a little piggy, but he is still very cute.

  4. Jeanne...your towels are adorable!! You did a fabulous job on them. I would be thrilled if I were on the receiving end of one of them. I loved the picture of Abby. Our white Miniature Schnauzer, Jamie, does the same thing with our dog door except her front half is outside and her back half is inside. Aren't dogs just a hoot!!!


  5. I have made towels much like this so I can appreciate the effort. Yours are wonderful! The designs are great~ love the reindeer!
    Clever "resting" spot for your dog :D

  6. Hi Jeanne ~ FYI I posted an answer to your "cording" question under comments in my Creative Thread blog...didn't have your email.

  7. Your towels are gorgeous, you did such a great job on them. Good for you getting some Christmas gifts done.
    How funny about your dog,Love that picture. Its great.


  8. I love those towels too...:)

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. Here are some info for you on mattress pinkeep instruction:


    I like the "dent" look so I made half stitch from top to the bottom on all 4 corner for two times. The second time I pulled it hard to form the dent. Than I went back to put some small mill hill beads to the 8 dent areas.

    I still am looking for some clay cutter before I want to try out the fimo clay rose pins. I have been looking at the Kemper clay cutters. I wish I can see them in person. I want 5 set of cutters and it will cost me some money.

    As far as the ribbon rose that I made, I used the "regular" ribbon 3/8". You may want to practice on a 1/2" ribbon, I have not tried using silk ribbon yet. If you need any more help, you can email me at ann62texas@gmail.com.

  9. I love your Christmas towels and your family and co-worker are very lucky to receive them this year. I don't agree about the elf looking like a pig. He is just adorable. He can always come live here with my if noone likes him! LOL!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog about the drawers! They were fun to do and oh so easy. I first put the fabric on Aslan which is a double sided sticky substance used for making fabric cards. It does not hold well on wood and I also added regular glue to the wood drawers. Using Aslan does keep the fabric smooth and it also does not ravel.

    Your dog is so cute! He seems to think he me part cat. Cats are always getting into cupboards and closets. This picture of him in the catflap is priceless!

  10. I love love love your Christmas towels they are just wonderful. Also thank you for leaving that lovely comment on my blog but I had to change it considerably, but thank you so much non-the-less.

    Patti xxx

  11. Your towels are simply adorable. I'm sure the recipients will love them. The dog pic cracks me up. Our little puppy pulled her entire doggy bed thru her doggy door. We died laughing...

  12. Hi new visitor here :-)
    Your towels look great but what led me to comment was your dog. What a funny bunny! We just discovered that one of our dogs pretends to sleep. He has one black eye and likes to sleep with his snout covered so one day we hear him snoring but his black eye was following us around, this is the same dog that just jumps straight up in the air occassinally when we're walking him. Dogs are a hoot - what would we do without them!


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