Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Touch of Spring

No stitching updates today. We have some birds nesting in one of the vines on the fence in our backyard. I've named the newest addition Simon. Isn't he cute? Not that I know it's a "him" but I just felt like calling this little one Simon for some reason. :) My husband took this picture without getting too close as we don't want to scare off the mother bird who is busy flying in and out with food every few minutes it seems.

I was out yesterday with all my quilting friends - we had a reunion with another group we met back in March that live on the other end of town. These lovely ladies hosted a wonderful progressive luncheon for our group and of course we did some stash shopping at a new quilt store which is always fun. We "toured" 4 different sewing rooms, had lots of show & tell and just had a great time. Isn't it amazing when you meet people who share the same passions as you do - so much to talk about and learn from each other.

It was 102 here today so we spent the afternoon in the pool cooling off. Summer has definitely arrived here in the desert. It's not quite as bad as it sounds - as long as you stay out of the sun it's fairly tolerable because there is so little humidity this time of the year. Hope to have some other updates later this week - almost finished with my Christmas towels and ready to start a new small stitching project - yippee! I love new starts!


  1. Simon is a cutie...all beak :)
    102? YIKES...
    glad you had fun with your friends :)

  2. You have one of the nicest looking Blogs! I so love the pic of that little bird. I too am a quilter and enjoyed reading about your "get together" with quilting friends. Oh, the joy of quilt shops, show and tell, and someone elses sewing room!

  3. Oh what a cute little bird, lovely picture.
    102 Oh wow, thats a scorcher. Its been cold here all week. I can't wait till it heats up a bit.



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