Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Come on Autumn!

We've gotten a bit cooler here in the desert - and we're all hoping the trend continues as we are so sick of the summer heat.  It's hard to believe it's fall already, the year seems to be flying by at record speed! I had all these plans to stitch several Christmas ornaments this year - darn!  Somehow I've got to find more hours in my days that's for sure. 

I want to thank all of you for your wonderful comments on my Quakers & Quilts finish - it really warmed my heart and is much appreciated!
I've been making good progress on Christmas Rules - still enjoying stitching this one. I am down to the last 4 'rules' and should be able to finish it this month. I want to be able to get it to my framer before the holiday rush so I can have it ready to  hang for Christmas. I have a long narrow sampler already hanging in my foyer and it will be a perfect place to swap in this piece come December.  (and my husband will be glad I don't have to put another nail in the walls LOL)

I've been so good about working on my WIPs lately but I'm getting a case of start-itis. The 10-year anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy reminded me that I had bought this BBD pattern way back in 2002. (where the heck did those years go??)  Attic Needlework gave out a complimentary addition to the chart -  some words and the date to commemorate 9-11-01 at the bottom.  It's sad that it's a whole 9 years later and I still haven't gotten it stitched! I decided I would get going  finally stitch it this month.  Here's my start so far. 

The chart specifies using 30-ct fabric but I used some scrap 40-ct linen I had and some Gloriana red silk. Unfortunately I didn't realize the added words at the bottom were charted as over-one - well that just isn't going to happen - over-one on 40-ct linen is too hard for me so I will rechart the words as over-two instead. It's weird but sometimes I can stitch easily on 40-ct and other times I am really struggling - I use my lighted magnifier all the time so can't quite figure it out. This project is rather hard for me to stitch on... I wonder if any of you notice a difference between 40-ct linen from different manufacturers? Are some 'tighter' than others??

I've been doing more sewing than stitching over the past 2 weeks. I finally finished a king-sized quilt top I started about 2 years ago - I am SO-O-O-O happy!   I've already ironed it all and have it hanging ready to take to a long-arm quilter in a few months (I try to space out my custom quilting and framing...$$$ know how that is).  I  don't have a big photo of it to show you. It's a subtle quilt - an antique reproduction so it's doesn't have a lot of 'wow' factor.  The beauty of it I think will really come out once it's custom-quilted.   Back when I purchased everything for this quilt I got a whole bolt of one fabric because I needed almost 10 yards just for the back of the quilt.  A bolt has 15 yards on it and I got a good discount which made it worth buying.   I think this may be the last king-sized quilt I make - it's tough working with something that big and also a real pain trying to iron it once it's all together!    If I count up all the materials, plus what it's going to cost me to get it quilted, this quilt is costing me close to $500.  Quilting isn't a cheap hobby that's for sure - not with the cost of most fabric being $9-10 per yard these days.  That doesn't even count 2 years of my time.  Believe me, it was a thrill putting  a big line through this entry on my WIP list!  I'll be back with some photos around Feb or March of next year when I get it back from the quilter.

Lately I haven't been tempted too much to bring home more stash - as Martha Stewart says, "it's a good thing" LOL.   I have so much already that I want to stitch...however I did recently pick up these from Threadwork's all Faye's fault as I fell in love with her "Pride & Glory" finish.  I want to get started on this cute autumn-themed one with the witch's hat.  I'm so glad that new designers keep coming to our world since some of our favorites have quit the business during the last few years.  I guess part of it is the economy and so many crafters doing other things like knitting, scrapbooking, etc.  I know that some of the designers have also cited issues with copyright abuse which makes me very sad.  It's great that we sell or trade our used charts  or stash we no longer want,  but I continue to support the hard work of the needlework designers.   I'm relieved to know there's no danger we'll run out of things to stitch!


  1. Thank goodness for the cooler weather, now I can go out and do things again!

    Very cute works in progress.

  2. I am so ready for fall too! Your Christmas Rules looks so pretty, and your stitching is just beautiful! I had the same plans as you to stitch a lot of Christmas ornaments, and it didn't happen with me either. Maybe next year?

  3. The world is a strange place sometimes... Summer??, we didn't saw it this year. We went from a warm spring straight into fall. But I didn't mind, because I don't like hot summers anyway.
    Good for you to get the start-itis! LOL
    Sometimes we need a fresh new project to work on.
    And quilting is expensive, but be glad you don't live in Holland. We pay around $23.- !!!! for a yard fabrics (the moda's, windhams etc..)
    So we are very careful with our scraps.

  4. Beautiful finish Jeanne! I love your new charts and your new BBD start. I don't think I could do over 1 on 40 ct either. x

  5. Seriously loving those quilting fabrics (and the quilting, of course!). :D

  6. Great stitching Jeanne! I've now caught up to you on the Rules. I need to take a photo but I just stitched the little reindeer in the 9th rule. That's it though. lol I am hoping to finish soon too but don't know if I will be able to display it as I want to do another bellpull.

    The BBD is great too. Over 1 on 40 county is hard...I have trouble with it too.

  7. Love your Christmas Rules so far! Hope you get it done soon. And that quilt -- gorgeous!!!! Just lovely, love the backing fabric too! It'll be so worth the cost in the end. King size is definitely a pain though -- I can't even imagine finishing a quilt that big!

  8. Christmas Rules is looking great and just in time to get it framed before the holidays;))

    LOVE your quilt colors and can't wait until we see it next year all quilted up!

  9. I love Christmas Rules and it looks like you are almost finished. I stick with doll quilts, but I know what you mean about the expense. Pretty fabrics. Love the charts from Threadwork Primitives.

  10. Jeanne, Can't wait to see your quilt picture when it's home from the quilters. I like your two new patterns. The BBD piece is sweet, I don't remember seeing how did I miss that one?

  11. Wonderful progress on Christmas rules, Jeanne--the colors are so bright and cheery, aren't they? Love your Threadwork Primitives charts, too--I'll have to check out that designer. I'm really not familiar with her work...

    It's cooling off here, but too much, too soon. Tonight it is supposed to be down in the 40s!!

  12. Jeanne -- I started that same BBD pattern this past Saturday to commemorate the anniversary of 9-11! You and I must have been on the same wavelength!!! I'll post a photo on my blog soon!

  13. Hi Jeanne,

    Yes! I'm with you wishing that cooler weather will just grace us with it's presence! It's been a long hot summer (or at least it seems that way to me).

    Your quilt is beautiful! I'm just learning to do little quilts, and that is over whelming to me at this point in time.

    Awesome start on the BBD pattern. I have it somewhere too. I need to stitch it also.
    Carol E :)

  14. I love your progress on your Christmas Rules! It looks great. Love the quilt, too--oh my gosh, gorgeous!! Isn't it amazing how much money you can sink into these hobbies of ours?! Love the BBD, too!

  15. I love your Christmas Rules! It makes me smile:)

    Lovly start on the BBD and nice new stash!

    Your quilt is gorgeous!

  16. Christmas Rules looks wonderful and I love your new charts.
    Your quilt is beautiful!

  17. Hi Jeanne! Guess what? I am at Cranberry Cottage and found that I have access this week to WIFI. So I am visiting friends and happy to see a little Christmas at your place. :-) I knew this would stitch up quickly for your who are quick anyway...

    Autumn is my favorite season and is in full swing here. I bought a number of pumpkins and ghords to decorate with when I get them home. I am so anxious to start my decorating which I have had to force myself to not start until September. We are back to wearing sweaters and scarves and drinking hot chocolate. Wonderful!

    I just saw the new pattern Enchanted Crow on her blog. Did you see her new freebie? I have nothing with me here now to start it but will when we go home tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoying blogs and waiting to go to our favorite restaurant for dinner...

    Hugs from Holland ~

  18. Oh the quilt is gorgeous, I love soft and subtle!!!!! Cute Christmas Rules and BBD piece.

  19. You have been busy! The quilt top is very pretty. I know what you mean about our needlework not being an inexpensive hobby. That is why I try to frame my pieces from 'found' frames from auctions and yard sales when possible. My husband also makes some of my frames.

    Also, I love the background you have used on your blog! Is that from a project you have stitched?

  20. Jeanne, I've just discovered your blog, and Oh my!! SO much here to see, and all of it wonderful. I will be studying it for some time.


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