Friday, September 30, 2011

A few small finishes.........

Hi folks......I keep waiting for autumn but it’s still not really here quite yet unfortunately. I have been in such a bad mood this week but not sure exactly why – everything seems to be annoying me and I feel depressed. I’m sure others get the same way sometimes.....I’ve got new responsibilities at work that are stressing me....can’t seem to keep up with household chores....people are aggravating me.....I’m constantly worrying about family issues, the poor economy, and the state of the world. Once I get in a funk it seems like I just keep rolling downhill and can’t think of anything positive. I think sometimes it’s "information overload" especially when it comes to the news. I don’t need to tell you what goes on in this world, you all see it, but it seems like a never-ending stream of bad news sometimes. If it’s not violent and mind-boggling crimes, it’s economic disaster, wars, natural disasters, and everything else. I try to tune it out and be thankful for all the good things in my life but I’m not always successful. In reading some blogs this week I see a stitching exchange went bad for a group and a few bloggers here and there contemplating closing their blogs.  We've all got our share of anxiety I guess.  Somedays I wish I could go back in time about 20 years LOL. It seems I was a lot more optimistic then and life was a lot more positive in general. I’m sure that’s just me being nostalgic... and maybe this is an age thing for me but I sure wish I could get out of this funk.

Excuse my rambling on a bit but at least I’ve been stitching as much as I can recently and I still get lots of enjoyment from it. I don’t think many days go by when I don’t see something absolutely fabulous on someone’s blog and want to make it! In reality I’ll never even get what is already in my stash done, but part of this hobby (okay it’s an obsession really) is enjoying buying the stash, owning the stash, and dreaming of COMPLETING all the stash. When I sometimes contemplate stopping blogging, I know I really can’t. I would feel very alone as I don’t have a stitching group to belong to and it’s just my husband and I in our household and he’s not very interested in my needlework. When you put a lot of yourself into making something, you just have the need to share it with others in some way.

I recently got 2 small things stitched and finished since my last post and I’m starting to get in the holiday mood at least. This is the famous Peppermint Twist from LHN that everyone was stitching last year, I’m a little behind the curve but loved doing this one. I finished it as a little pillow – I’ve got hopes of getting a basket of smalls together for Christmas decorating.

LHN "Peppermint Twist"
recommended threads mostly

I also made this one this week - it stitched up really fast and I finished it according to the pattern directions with some black wool I had. Isn’t it cute? I just love it and will be putting out some of my autumn and Halloween decorations this week. (I’ll be adding this pattern to a stash sale page I hope to update this weekend.)  As you can see I didn't spend any time staging a nice photo - just stuck it up next to the sewing machine for a non-glamorous snap........

"Enchanted Crow" by Threadwork Primitives

Then I did a little stash-diving to find what little patterns I had for fall and Halloween.....found lots of good linen colors and several things to choose from. I had a very old piece of Cashel linen that I got probably 10 yrs ago – it was the recommended fabric for some Prairie Schooler pumpkins that never got made LOL. Well the color was more rust than orange so I decided to try and lighten it up – I soaked a sample piece in a weak bleach solution and then laid it out in the sun for an hour. Look at the new versus old – it’s now a perfect orange color for Halloween - yippee – I love it when I can use up some old stash.

Yesterday the mailman brought me the latest Gingher collectible embroidery scissors – these are the ones that aren’t available at JoAnn’s but only at specialty shops.  They’re called ‘Tessa’ and I must say they are probably my least favorite Ginghers so far. They look like some dated 1960’s fabric – or maybe the Arizona state flag?? Oh well...they’re just going in the box with all the others anyway!  I really do need to do something to get all these scissors displayed somehow.....

Until next time, may you find some happy moments stitching or crafting!


  1. Love the fabric that you used for the LHN design. Perfect. The fall pillow is gorgeous and I will probably make mine just like yours. I got the new Gingers as well, and I do like them. They do remind me of the 60's. (when I was a wild child in high school LOL )

  2. I hear you about the bad news and feeling overwhelmed by it all. I too have been feeling that way. It's difficult, especially when I think of the world I'm passing to my children. :(

    Your stitching finishes are beautiful! Love how you finished them both! Those new Ginghers really are pretty!

  3. Ugh! all that stress and what can we do to make the world a better place?! It is sad to see a blogger delete her blog.
    The finishes look awesome. I love the crow on that hat.
    I will the purchase the pattern from you. I don't think I have seen it before
    I hope you get feeling better about things
    Take Care!!!

  4. Your stitching and finishes are beautiful! I understand how you feel about all the bad in the world, sometimes I just have to avoid the news for a few days at a time. That usually helps and I also try to find things at the end of the day to be thankful for. We really do have so many blessings in our lives, it's just that sometimes we have to sit down and list them to get past all the bad that we hear, see and feel.

  5. October will be a new month! Love your enchanted crow - it's a dorable!

  6. Two very pretty pillow finishes Jeanne. You found the perfect fabric for the Peppermint Twist.
    I've been wondering which Christmas design to stitch next - think you just made my mind up for me.
    I like how your fabric turned out after you lightened the colour. What a good idea.
    Hope your workload gets easier.


  7. Oh Jeanne, me too. Honestly, I would go to the dr for some anti-anxiety medication if I didn't have to pay exorbitant fees to see her! I ended up turning off the Irish news apps on my iPhone because I would get so freaked out by all the bad stuff happening--not a great time to be self-employed--and I don't read the US apps when something bad has happened, either. I love the news and am a news junkie but sometimes I find it's better for my mental health if I just turn off. Sometimes I just want to sleep through everything because it's so anxiety-causing and stressful. :P

    Beautiful LHN finish! I love the Enchanted Crow, too--what a great way to finish it off, too! Nice job on the fabric, too.

    Have a good weekend!

  8. Really beautiful finishes! :o)


  9. Love your finishes! The fabric for your Peppermint Twist ornament is perfect!

    happy stitching....

  10. Hi Jeanne, what lovely finishes. The fabric on your peppermint twist is just the right flavour so to speak!

    We do live in troubled times at the moment, but we will prevail. When you are feeling down try and remember something that gives you happy thoughts and focus on the good feelings, things and thoughts.

    Happy thoughts, lots of hugs

  11. Oh, Jeanne, I understand what you are saying oh so well as I'm sure many of us do. I get so worked up about things and I can hardly bare to watch the news these days. It's all doom and gloom and you just wonder where it will all end. I've struggled terribly this year with depression but I do try to count my blessings but sometimes it's not easy. I'm so glad you're not going to stop blogging. Like you I have no stitching friends here ( my nearest friend is only about 20 miles away but with petrol costs and bus fares it's difficult to meet up now) so the blogging world is my only way of communicating with like minded stitchers.

    OK I'm rambled on enough now lol! Your Peppermint Twist is beautiful and that fabric is just perfect! Love Enchanted Crow too.

    Your new Ginghers are beautiful.

  12. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Sorry you're feeling down - I can relate as well, especially to all the bad news all the time. It would also help here if the temperatures weren't breaking all records for heat - feels like July, not October, which is unsettling! Glad that you're not giving up blogging - my situation is similar and also a reason for me not giving up, I don't belong to a stitching group and although DH is supportive, it's not quite the same as sharing with other stitchers.

    I really love both your finishes Enchanted Crow is so sweet with the wool border and the herringbone stitching is such a great touch. The fabric you chose for PT couldn't be more perfect, it looks gorgeous!

  13. I feel like I could have written the first part of your post. I've felt the same way lately. I scan the news online in the morning and then tune it out the rest of the day. I try to remember there are good things going on that we just don't hear about. Beautiful stitching on both pieces and I love how you finished them!

  14. The finishes are beautiful!!!

    Life is pretty horrible at times these days. I try to cope by not hearing too much news and having time on my own.

  15. Sorry you're feeling down and out right now, Jeanne. Looking at your finishes cheered me up and I hope that stitching will improve your mood soon!

  16. I hear you about all the stress, I hope things settle down soon for you.

    Love your finishes, they're wonderful!

  17. Great finishes! Yes, I would like to go back in time too but I would want to know what I know now or it just wouldn't do me any good to make the trip!

  18. There must be something in the air you know. I have been exactly like that for a few weeks. I am so glad it isn't just me. Thankfully I returned to the sewing room during the week.

  19. Jeanne --
    I totally hear you about all the bad news every time we turn around. Most days I don't listen to the news and try not to focus on all the bad going on but it's so hard to do. Thankfully we have our stitching and stitching blogs to help us through when we get down in the dumps.

    LOVE your finishes. The fabric for the Peppermint ornament is just perfect and I love your little Fall finish with the decorative stitching!

    Hope you are having a good weekend and getting some stitching time in:)

  20. Well said about the stitching community. It's just BF and me at home, and while he's supportive of my hobby, whether it's blogging or stitch nights or buying buying buying, it's not like showing things to the stitching gang. Love the choice of fabric on the pillow--so nicely done!

  21. Oh, I get periods of melancholy too when things seem too much. Chin up...try and do little things that make you happy. I find it helps even if it's hard to motivate sometimes.

    Absolutely love your Peppermint Twist cushion! Great job on the dyeing too...that orange is Halloween perfect!

  22. Love the coordinating fabric you used with Peppermint Twist...great finish! Love the 'Enchanted Crow' finish too! Aren't you the clever one figuring out how to make the perfect 'orange' linen for a nice Halloween piece!

    The Gingher scissors do remind me of some of the wild colours and motifs from the 60's. Mmmmm...are we showing our age:)

  23. I hope you soon feel better, I must admit there have been times when I have got quite down in the blogging world. I think the worst moment was when I replied to another blogger and gave support about her son and shared some personal stuff (which I normally never do) she never even bothered to reply to the email, I was so offended, so much so I just felt like closing my blog!
    I know she received the email because it was not the first one she had ignored!

    I do enjoy blogging, however I do know I can be quite lazy when it comes to commenting, but I tend to do lots of giveaways to make up for that! lol

    I love the Peppermint Pillow, it's gorgeous!

  24. I hope that this month is better for you.

    You have some pretty finishes!

  25. You've finished two very nice little pillowa. And I so love the way you finished tehm. I particularly love the specialty stitch which links the stitched piece and the fabric underneath. Perfect!
    Both fabric colours look awesome and you will certainly find lots of projects to use them for. IsN't stash diving a wonderful activity? Lol.

  26. Lovely finishes Jeanne, congratulations


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