Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August update......

First off a very big thank you for all the nice comments about my Pride & Prejudice sampler - I truly appreciate them all!   For those of you that suggested I chart and sell this pattern, I appreciate the thoughts but 75% of this sampler is put together from published charts by designers so that would be plagiarism LOL.   I want to backstitch my name along the bottom and hopefully get it off to the framer sometime this month.

I want to say a belated thank-you to dear Heidi over at  Heidi and I have followed each other's blogs for some years and we did a private "Christmas in July" ornament exchange this year.    Heidi has already blogged on my gift to her (you can see it here )but I'm just now getting some photos up of her remarkable gifts to me.  I just LOVE the ornament she made - I think the silhouette of Santa who looks very Dutch-like and is stitched on both sides of the hanging ornament - how cool is that?  I love the little hanging snowflake and beads at the bottom and the colors and trims remind of the Moda French General fabrics.   Heidi also made a gorgeous scissor fob for the scissors she included - the fob has a Dutch shoe bead which I  treasure!     I've been enjoying the Dutch tea Heidi also sent me - am I lucky or what?  Thank you again Heidi!  I'm so glad we did this little exchange together.   :-)

Christmas ornament exchange from Heidi


I made a new start on "Quaker Christmas" by Bygone Stitches but I didn't like my materials so I decided not to continue.    Instead I've been working along with Halloween Rules (4 more rules to go!) and a new little project called "Winter Silhouette".   I saw this worked up as shop model and loved it.  It only uses one color of thread so is easy stitching.  It's a short but wide design and I've got about one-third of it done.  I think a lot of these little motifs would be cute stitched as ornaments.

"Winter Silhouette" stitched with DMC White
 on 36-ct Lakeside Linens "Midnight" linen

I also finished this lovely LHN ornament for a friend.   She bought one of these great wooden stands from Bloom Woodworks and I put a little sleeve on the back of the ornament to hold it onto the stand.  This was such a fun finish to do - I want to do some for myself now!  These stands are very nicely made and reasonably priced.  It gives you another great option for displaying your work!  

LHN's "Saltbox Village"

I got an urge to clean up my sewing room/stitching room/home office so I spent a lot of the weekend sorting through stuff and reorganizing a bit.  I threw out a few things like too many empty boxes I was keeping and scraps of is so hard to use up fabric!  You make quilts and you generate heaps of scraps.... I decided it was time to let some of it go.   I was able to make a little more space and my little world is back in order. 

Heaps of stuff everywhere.......
too much stash!
I see I have some new followers - welcome!  I will try to get out and make sure your blogs are on my very long reading list!


  1. Wow, what a nice ornament you received from Heidi! Very nice! I love your Winter Silhouettes. Very pretty! And how clever on the stand finish for that LHN piece! You definitely need to make some for yourself. Good for you for cleaning your room -- I need to do that too.

  2. I love your stitching...Your Ornament that you received is so

    Since you have your stitchy corner all organized now you will have more time to stitch and you will be able to find things easier as well.

    Happy Stitching :)

  3. Your work is always so lovely - Glad you had a chance to clean up - Feels good doesn't it :)

  4. Lovely gift from Heidi! Your finishing on that ornament for your friend is gorgeous.
    Wow, that looks like stuff that I have in my stash :)

  5. Anonymous5:16 AM

    The ornament from Heidi is lovely! Also love the Saltbox one...hmmm...I'll have to look for that one. I've been cleaning my stash closet too. My problem is that it only makes me realize how many things i want to start! One thing I don't have is a fabric stash. I tend to buy as I kit up. Would like to remedy that! Nancy

    p.s. Your tin stash is fabulous. And yes, you do need them all!

  6. Look at all those pretty fabrics!!! Better put those stitching room pics away lol you're making me jealous haha

  7. Great exchange from Heidi!

    I love your LHN and the way you displayed it. Very clever, I'm definitely going to check that out.

    Organizing - what a never ending chore. Looks like you did a great job!

  8. Hi Jeanne! It was so much fun to do this exchange with you. I loved making this ornament for you with a flavor of Holland as well as the Dutch scissors and fob. My ornament from you is hanging on my prim tree in my quilt studio. Yes...I have a Christmas tree up all year in my studio. :-)

    Oh the woes of so much stash. We all have it and I always say that I have to live to be 300 years old to use all of mine. Lol!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  9. Great ornament from Heidi and Winter Wonderland is lovely.

    There is nothing more satisfying than a good organising session in the stash :)

  10. loved seeing how you finished the Saltbox and knowing about that neat display piece. I knew about this company but kinda forgot about them. Your pieces from Holland are lovely and it was fun seeing your stash. Enjoy the weekend - Mel

  11. Hi,

    I love your efforts to clean up the "stash" office, craft room, etc. When you are done there, could you come over and clean mine? I am terrible at organizing! And as for the question about the linen, I have the same problem. Lots of stash, but never the right piece for the project I want to work on! :) Have a great weekend,

  12. Heidi's Santa ornament is wonderful.

    What a great display stand. I understand the "sleeve" in the back but I don't understand how is does not slide down the sleeve?

    Nice progress on Winter Silhouette. It must be fun not having to change colors!

    I could use your organization skills in tidying up my sewing room. It is becoming a scary place. :-)

  13. I agree, Heidi did a beautiful job with your gift. Something to treasure for sure :)

    I finished Winter Silhouette but I struggled with the white, white, white! LOL! I'm happy that it's done now :)

    What a gorgeous finish and too bad you had to give that one away! Thank you for posting the link for the stand.

  14. Love your gifts from Heidi!! Such special touches.
    Lovely stitches and what a great finish ~ I'm sure your friend was tickled!

  15. Nice exchange from Heidi. Winter Silhouette is striking with the white on midnight! And the LHN looks neat on the stand.

  16. Such a lovely exchange from Heidi! I visited her blog and she makes all sorts of lovely things. I am enchanted with this Santa though!! I also adore the Winter village you are stitching. Stitching with one colour is so much fun and quick! I'm really loving that Midnight linen and might have to get some myself. It's the perfect dark blue! The LHN ornie is so sweet and the stand is great! Wonderful way to display stitching!! I've been blowing up your craft room photos and drooling over your stash. If you still have those scraps of fabby you can send them over to me! My hubby wants to make some sort of applique quilt thing with scraps of fabric so he's been having me save mine. Love your box of linen and I too always seem to never have the right colour for a project!!


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