Thursday, May 06, 2010

Finally framed and this & that.....

Hi Friends & Followers! I've been waiting on some pieces that have been at the framers awhile but I've given up the idea of sharing all 3 of them in one post as it's taking so long. At least I've gotten one back so far. This was from an SAL last year - I still love it. I like taking my pieces to my LNS to frame but it always seems to take forever!

My Quaker Lady

stitched with Needlepoint silks on 40-ct Vintage Sand Dune by Lakeside Linen

I haven't been very good about answering questions...Jennifer asked where I got the pattern for my Pride & Prejudice Sampler. It's not really one pattern Jennifer, it is modeled after those "neighborhood" round robin samplers that have been popular. For inspiration I collected all sorts of photos off of the internet from the A&E version of the movie (it's my favorite). Then I put together a rough design and sizing on sheets of graph paper taped together. I pulled all sorts of patterns from my stash for various things, as well as "acquiring" a few more! My plan is to do all the major homes in the story - Longbourn, Netherfield Park, Pemberley, Rosings Park, and the parsonage & chapel where Mr Collins lived. Then I'm adding trees, gardens, people, and some of my favorite quotes. The Bennett house I designed myself. Most of the other houses I'm taking from the samplers that The Stitching Parlor has published. I wanted to do the story in one sampler. It's going to take me a while though with all my other projects going. Thanks for asking!

I haven't really had much time for stitching lately and that is making me very cranky! I sometimes get totally overwhelmed when I look at my stash and the list of what I want to get stitched or quilted but then I put it out of my mind because there' s not much I can do about it. I have thought about shutting down my blog as I don't have nearly as much to show as so many of you and I feel bad and frustrated about that but here I am plugging away. I can't even keep up with my blog reading - my numbers in Google Reader were up over 700....I finally got it down to about 175 but it's creeping up again this week. I don't understand how they figure that number - it can't be the number of posts but maybe number of lines or something? If anyone knows, let me in on the secret!

Here's my progress on 'With My Needle' and 'Plymouth Sampler' -not a lot but I'm inching along slowly.... Getting the border on Plymouth Sampler makes me feel I am closing in a finish...must be a an optical illusion huh? And 2 more lines of verse to go on WMN -I'm sick of stitching letters. (Oh I didn't really say that did I? I've got The Gettsyburg Address kitted up to go so I better get used to it!)

I did finish up a tote bag recently made of a "Bali Pop" - that's a set of batik fabric strips. I'll be using this to haul stuff when I go to my quilting retreats and sew days. It's really sturdy so you can pack a lot in it - even an iron. I'm calling it my 'Mary Poppins Carpetbag'. Remember that carpetbag Mary had and she would magically pull all sorts of things out of it? That's what I thought of when I finished this. Not only am I crazy for pincushions but I love making bags and can't resist buying more bag and purse patterns that I don't have time to make!

My quilting buddies and I recently had a great get-together with another quilting group. We had a wonderful day - shopping at a new quilt store, lunch at a winery/restaurant and then dessert and show & tell on a friend's patio overlooking the golf course. The weather and company were perfect! I'd like to share with you just a few of the great quilts we got to see - these ladies do some fantastic work.

Cherry Applique Quilt - wish I knew who did this pattern - I love cherries!

The one above was made with a couple thousand 1" squares!

This Mariner's Compass quilt was pieced and quilted entirely by hand by the lady on the right! It was awesome!

This is a "Seven Sisters" quilt-in-progress -it's done using English paper piecing.

Thank you for stopping by and I really appreciate it when you take the time to make a comment - I know it' s hard to keep up with everyone!


  1. have been busy! Your Lady Quaker is so pretty...I love the colors you chose. Love your WIP too!

    Your P&P is neat to do that and I can't wait to follow your progress on that. Very creative.

  2. Love the framed piece -- beautiful colors and frame! And your WIPs are gorgeous too! That bag is fantastic! And those quilts! Wow, what a talented bunch of ladies!

  3. Your Quaker Lady is SO pretty! I love the colors you used. Your works in progress are beautiful! The quilts are amazing!

  4. Oh, all the stitched pieces look great. I love each one of them. The Lady Quaker you had framed looks great. I love the colors and the frame. The bag is just gorgeous. I love it. The guilts are beautiful. I just love it all.

  5. Lots of lovely quilts and Quaker Lady is fabulous.
    But being another bag lady, my favourite is the BaliPops Tote bag. What pattern is it or who is the designer?

  6. I love your framed Quaker Lady Jeanne and your tote bag too! I would love to be able to make tote bags. I have bought a couple of patterns for bags since DH has bought me my new sewing machine - I really must have a try and not be such a coward!

    Plymouth Sampler looks wonderful! Living in Plymouth I just had to have this one, but like you I have a list of many that I want to get stitched and this is still one of them! :o)

  7. Jeanne your Quaker lady is amazing also your Plymouth Sampler I have had the Quaker Lady for some time and intended to stitch it before now but have been waylaid into stitching other charts in my stash. Your finish has given me the inspiration to want to start it.We will see you know what its like too much stash and not enough time.

  8. Your stitching is beautiful and all those quilts just take my breath away!

  9. I enjoyed looking at the quilts but LOVE your samplers~~ The framed Quaker is beautiful~ And, the rustic colors in Plymouth has really captured my attention...I need to go check out that chart!~~

    Happy Mothers Day~~ Faye

  10. Your Quaker Lady looks beautiful. I understand how you feel about the LNS doing the framing. They do a great job but it can take a LONG time!

    Your WIP's are coming along nicely. Every little bit of stitching gets you closer to a finish!

    The quilts are gorgeous! Someday I would like to learn to quilt (maybe when I retire)

    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

  11. Your Lady's Quaker is so pretty and the frame is gorgeous!
    Your Plymouth Sampler...has me wanting to get the pattern :)

    Those quilts are just gorgeous as is your carpet bag...just beautiful!

  12. Jeanne,

    Thank you for answering my question regarding the PP sampler! I do understand how life gets in the way - it happens more often then one might ever want to admit to - I know it happens to me quite often and I too am getting frustrated regarding the lack of stitching time! Grrrr....

    (I did however get my nieces two scarfs done in a day! One for the older girl who loves green and one for the younger who loves pink. It uses four strands of yarn and crochets rather quickly. (each takes an hour to do) So I feel that I made some progress on the crafty front of things! At this point, I'll take whatever happiness I can in my craft finishes! LOL)

    Is the A & E version of PP with Keira Knightly or am I totally confused?? My fav is the original one done by BBC in the 70's. I bought that version a few years back or so...I should probably try to find those houses...hmmmmm...there's an idea! :D I do love the Stitching Parlor pieces too


  13. My Lady's Quaker is lovely, great framing.

    Your bag is gorgeous, congratulations

  14. My Lady's Quaker is gorgeous Jeanne. Love your WIPs too and that bag is beautuiful!

  15. The quilting is AMAZING and I just love how your framing came out. :D Your two WIPs are stunning - such gorgeous projects!

  16. Love the framed piece--what great colors!

    The Plimouth Sampler has a lot of solid stitching in it and I know it's hard to see progress with that type of piece sometimes. What you've shown us is beautiful.

    You *have* been really busy with stitching and quilting. Thanks for showing us some of your lovely work!

  17. Hello Jeanne,

    What a lovely finish, this lady! She's gorgeous. I am just discovering your blog, it's so nice!

    Greetings from Holland, Carolien

  18. Your Quaker lady looks great. I love your other WIP's. Those quilts are gorgeous.

  19. i love quaker lady! they do seem to take a bit long to frame don't they? :) awesome bag you made! that had to have taken quite awhile with all those little scraps. and lovely quilts all around!

  20. Jeanne, it was good to sit down and catch up with you. :) This is the way I feel about blogging. I love it. I often stitch big samplers and find it hard to show pictures constantly of the same thing--how many times can you post, "Look! Two more stitches!" photos!? So I blog when I think I have enough to blog, and let it go at that. When I started to blog, I wanted to do two entries per week but it just doesn't work out that way. Blogging is your thing--do it when you can--and we will be here to happily read whatever you post.

    Fantastic frame job!! I love it. The bag is awesome, too. I loved seeing the quilts you posted. I am just getting back into quilting now after a ten year hiatus, just starting off again by basting hexagons for some quilts... but it's fun. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  21. Your Quaker Lady looks gorgeous with the colours you used for stitching her. And both your WIPs are just wonderful. You certainly love stitching on them.
    I loved to see all the quilts that the ladies showed at your get-together.
    Don't feel bad about not blogging so often. I just write a post when I feel like doing so. Soemtimes once a month, sometimes more often, sometimes only after a couple of months. And it's good like that. I always love reading your posts no matter how often you write.

  22. I agree with Sibohan, blog when you can and we'll be here to read it. I am new to the blogging world and it takes time, 'specially when you're computer your bali pop bag - how many packs did it take? It's fabulous! I have a couple of the bali pops without a project to call their own...hmmm!

  23. i'm behind on reading too Jeanne however whenever you have time or news to post - we'll be there eating up every word and photo! I love your quilt show and tell - OMGoodness - they were awesome - I LOVE the compass one and the english pieced one of course they are all treasures.

    I can totally relate to how you feel - some of the gals I admire so much just crank out one big sampler after another and I can't seem to get in but a few lousy stitches a week - thus taking years for me to finish anything big. I feel like a loser when compared to my stitching idols but I just feel we have our own place in blogland and hopefully we can make someone laugh or smile and eventually our friends can triumph in our progress or finishes - Love your Plymouth - you've surpassed my progress YGG - I think your P&P is the neatest concept yet. A masterpiece in the making - Hugs friend! Mel

  24. What beautiful work you do on all types of needlework. Have you thought of sharing you P & P graph you designed? I would me more than will to purchase a copy as I'm sure others would to!!!!

  25. Don't shut down your blog just becuase you can't keep up with some of the more verbose and prolific stitchers out there! Its not a contest, never has been, never will be! Enjoy your stitching, those beautiful projects and quilts you produce and share with us as you can. There's no rule to how often you have to blog!

    Your framed piece looks gorgeous, and youre WIPs are fantastic too.

    What a great bag you made I love it!

  26. I've always loved Mary Poppins bag! Your version is just wonderful. It looks like it will hold everything that you need!

    Your Plymouth Sampler is beautiful! It is a favorite of mine. Lots of stitching. I like the frame you picked for MQL. Really suits the sampler.

    I, too, feel like there never seems to be enough time to get the things done that I want to do. I keep thinking it will be better once I'm retired but everyone says it's worse. Ugh! So I'll just keep going and not worry about getting things done.


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