Monday, July 24, 2006

Blogger annoyances

Maybe one of you has had these problems, or I must be operating under a spell or something! Every now and then parts of my post end up being in italics even though I have NOT selected it, nor can I see it tagged as italics when I look at the HTML code. I also get frustrated posting pictures - I can upload them and click on them to make them links (so you can view a larger version), but if you try to move them around to make room for text in between, the links get lost. What is happening?? In order to get around this I have to go into "Edit HTML" mode and cut and paste the code for the pictures to where I want it. Also, why is it when you upload a picture it automatically goes to the top of your post instead of where your cursor was for instance in the middle of your post? If anyone knows the answers to these mysteries I would sure appreciate it!


  1. I think that is the way blogger is, I have switched from wordpress to blogger, because blogger offers more template "user" changes. But I upload photos then cut and paste them where I want in html mode..

  2. The italics might be coming from a default style in your template. I guess there are limitations to the program. It's a good thing we can edit in html mode! I also cut and paste in html mode and check to see that the code is okay.


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