Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Quaker Garden - first progress report

Here's a picture of what I've stitched so far on Quaker Garden. I had a visit by the frogs tonite so I didn't get make much progress today unfortunately. I am using Lakeside Linens' Vintage Pear in 38 ct, with Gloriana Luminescence silks for most of it. The white is AVAS 100/3 because they didn't have a white shade at my LNS in the Luminescence. I love stitching with these threads - they have a tight twist and you have to let the thread unwind now and then but they are very smooth and not fuzzy the way a lot of silks are. I am loving working on this project.

Thanks for the kind comments I've received so far, I"m glad some of you have stopped by to "visit" me!

I am looking forward to seeing the new movie "Dead Man's Chest" with Johnny Depp. Hope to see it next week sometime. It's got to be good if JD is in it! I think I'll watch the original "Pirates of the Caribbean" this weekend just to get in the mood. :-) It should be good to stitch by.

I also need to go through my quilting stash this weekend. I am going up to Flagstaff Arizona later this month to take 3 days of quilt classes. I can't wait - 3 days away from the heat of Phoenix, up in the cool pines of the north country. I'm staying with a friend at her "cabin" - can't wait to see it as she and her husband have been building it for a couple of years now. It's really more of a small second home and no doubt gorgeous - my friend has a lot of antiques and is one of those people who have a talent for decorating. I am taking an applique class one day with Elly Sienkiewicz (the queen of applique) and another class with John Flynn called "Pickle Dish". I promised myself I would work from my stash and not buy more fabric so I'm going to be stressing about that to find something that will work! There are 2 ladies that hold this event every summer called "Quilt Camp in the Pines. It's wonderful - I used to go every year but I haven't gone in awhile. It's a good time - like a stitching retreat only quilting instead. It's held on the campus of Northern Arizona University and lasts about a week. I am just going for 3 days this time. Two classes is more than enough for me as now I will have another couple of projects to complete!!


  1. Hi Jeanne. Lovely start on Quaker Garden and a lovely blog you have here. I popped over from Legacy :)

    I hope you have a great time near Flagstaff. We went to Arizona for our honeymoon and absolutely loved it! An amazing State!

  2. Jeanne, your Quaker Garden is looking beautiful so far :) I love the Luminescence silks, they're lovely to work with.

  3. Your Quaker Garden is lovely. Hope you have a wonderful time in Flagstaff.

  4. Your Quaker Garden is looking fantastic. I have only worked with the Luminescence threads once, but they are great! Enjoy your quilting classes,and be sure to post pictures!

  5. Wow! Love the colors's you are using for Quaker Garden. Never thought about changing the threads on that one. I have not used that brand of thread before-may have to try it in something-as if I need any more enabling-LOL

  6. An applique class from Elly Senkiewicz - I'm so jealous!!! You must tell us how your class was and any great tips you learned. And staying at a friend's cabin sounds like it will be a wonderful get-away.


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