Sunday, July 09, 2006

Quaker Garden - halfway done!

I reached the halfway point tonite, here's the latest progress. I hope to finish this up in the next 2 weeks which for me, will be pretty quick. I'm not generally a very fast stitcher, mostly because I have way too many stitching and quilting projects going on. It's hard for me to stay focused sometimes. Maybe I would be better off as a "one project at a time" person but so far I haven't been disciplined enough to do that. I'm debating about my next focus piece. I need to keep working on my French Alphabet Sampler but I am really itching to start something new. Here's just a few of the projects I have already kitted up in bags:

Milady's Needle - Strawberry Ruler
Blackbird Designs - With My Needle, Truly Thine, Springs Promise
Carriage House Samplings - Americana
With My Needle - Emblem of Love
Victoria Sampler - Winter Garden
Bent Creek - Winter & Spring Snapperlands
Bent Creek - Winter Row
Little House Needleworks - The Bookshelf
The Cricket Collection - Ghost Ship


  1. You're in the home stretch with Quaker Garden, and it looks great!

  2. It's looking great!

    I sometimes think I should go back to being a one-at-a-timer too, but there are too many nice things out there - like that collection you listed!

  3. You are FAST!!! I'm jealous! Your progress is beautiful and I really like your possible next choices of projects. Can't wait to see what you'll choose!

  4. Your Quaker Garden is looking gorgeous Jeanne! I'm hoping to start Emblem of Love soon - just waiting for a couple of the threads.

  5. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Wow, have you made progress on Quaker Garden. It's stunning.


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