Thursday, July 13, 2006

Stitching Room & thinking back

I thought I'd post a link to pictures of my stitching/sewing room. I posted it on one of the Legacy forums some months ago but here it is again. It serves as my sometimes office as I telecommute one day a week, then it's my quilting, stitching, and stash room the rest of the time. I love having my own computer and printer near me thanks to my husband who sets everything up and is my own personal "Tech Support" guru. We both work in Information Technology and we have 4 computers at home - yes it's a bit ridiculous sometimes but we do use them all for various purposes. I have one corner in my room set up with the computer on one side and a sewing machine table on the other in a "U" shape - I have a chair on wheels so it works out very nice. This is where I do 90% of my stitching - I use my Daylight lamp most of the time because my eyesight isn't that great and I require magnification for anything 32-ct and higher. So I find it's just easier to stitch sitting at my sewing table where I have everything handy. My sewing machine lowers under the table on a little hydraulic lift and then you can just use the top as a flat surface which is nice to work on. The other cabinets I have in my room used to be in our den at our old house, when we moved to this house a few years ago the den came with some built-in cabinets. I inherited these and they work out great. The only thing is I'm running out of room because I have too much stuff! I'm sure many of you have the same problem. Here's a link to pictures:

I'm wondering if many of you have your first piece that you cross-stitched anymore? Lately I have been wishing I did. Back around 1981 I was working part-time in a Minnesota Fabrics store in Chicago. I don't think that chain of stores is even in business anymore, but back then the employees made the models in the store - the store provided the materials and after they had displayed it for a couple of months you could take it home and keep it. I volunteered to do a cross-stitch project - I had embroidered and done stamped cross-stitch as a child so


  1. I love your craft room Jeanne! And your Sheltie is adorable - we have one too that we adopted last November and he's such a sweet boy.

  2. Your craft room looks great Jeanne! I love the U-shaped worksurface - loads of room to spread out. I have my own stitching room and it's lovely, but I could do with more workspace (and display space, actually!) Love your two dogs too - very cute!

  3. Your workshop is wonderful! My stitching room is more of a storage room than a work room. I wish I had as much space as you.

    Your Scarlett O'Hara is ver pretty!

  4. Jeanne, your stash room is so amazing! Umm, can I spend my vacation in there? I promise to clean up and I don't eat very much?

  5. I still have the pattern of the first sampler I did, but I gave the piece away.


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